Timely follow up after the exhibition

After the exhibition, it can only be said that the work is only half done. What really works is to follow up after the exhibition.

Customer classification. According to the negotiation process and results with customers at the exhibition, customers are divided into formal customers, potential customers and invalid customers. The formal customer here refers to the old customer, and the work can be carried out according to the above two points. A potential customer is a customer who has a clear intention to order your products and only needs further follow-up to determine some details. Invalid customers refer to customers who only leave business cards at the exhibition, have not communicated, and the other party is only collecting some information. Sort out the customer records during the exhibition, match them with the customers, and add some ideas to prepare for the next work.

Contact the customer. Send e-mails to every customer. Be careful not to send them in groups. The content of the last exhibition is reflected in the email. Key customers should be contacted first to distinguish the primary and secondary. Add a group photo of the exhibition in the attachment.

Reply to the customer. After the e-mails are sent, some replies will be received one after another. Carefully read these replies, master the real thoughts of the customer, and reply to the customer’s reply in a timely manner. If a customer needs a quotation for a product, it is necessary to make a quotation for the customer. Don’t underestimate a quotation. You have a lot of knowledge. 1. the name of the quotation.

Many people just name the quotation “quotation”. In fact, this is a shallow and irresponsible practice. The customer will think that this is an ordinary offer, so the price is not credible. My practice is quotation + customer name + date, such as quotation – microsoft-18-7-2006. Don’t underestimate it and add a few words. The customer will think that this is a price list specially made for him and will take the prices in it seriously. Another advantage is that you can quickly find this quotation. 2. the content and format of the quotation are also very important. My own quotation is made in Excel. Sheet1 is the quotation and SHEET2 is the customer data.
The left side of the top of the quotation is the company logo, and the right side is the company name and contact information. The quotation includes the following items: product name, picture, unit price, features, specifications and packaging methods. At the bottom are some clauses.

Follow up again. If the customer is satisfied with your product and price, you should induce him to order your product, for example, ask about the quantity, time, transaction terms, etc., and use these to guide the customer to get to the point. If you send an email and the customer doesn’t respond, send another email a week later that is different from the last one. If the customer still doesn’t reply, you should consider whether the customer is not interested in your product. If frequent e-mails may cause customers’ antipathy, you may wish to add a message to the next third e-mail. If you do not want to receive this e-mail, please reply and explain.

In a word, you should gain something from participating in the exhibition, which is closely related to your work before, during and after the exhibition. Exhibiting their own products and images is a major task for exhibitors. Therefore, attending the exhibition should be “exhibition”.

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