Teach you three ways , let you no longer worry about all kinds of deception

With the continuous development and expansion of the exhibition industry, more and more enterprises will choose to sell their goods in the form of exhibition. Due to the chaos of the exhibition industry in recent years, exhibition fraud events occur from time to time, which makes many exhibitors headache and even brings huge losses to many businesses. As a professional Shanghai exhibition company, pinbang will teach you three tricks today, so that you will no longer choose to give up the exhibition for fear of cheating the exhibition.all kinds of deception

First of all, we should master the “brand principle”. Regardless of new and old exhibition projects, all exhibition departments should reach a consensus on exhibitions with large scale, high efficiency and strict organization and management in the industry or field, carry out key promotion, let the majority of exhibitors and professional visitors understand and understand, and form a brand effect. Once the exhibition brand is properly promoted, the top advantage of its brand will be reflected, which will have a praying inhibitory effect on miscellaneous and fake exhibitions. When exhibitors refuse to participate in non influential brand exhibitions, cheaters naturally have no place to live.

The second is “institutional principles”. The confusion of industry management system is one of the important reasons for the phenomenon of exhibition fraud. Due to the different characteristics and management systems of various industries and the lack of unified industry management of exhibition between industries and regions, the exposed management loopholes and serious information asymmetry have created opportunities for cheaters. In particular, behind the “multi head management” is “multi head regardless”, Therefore, while emphasizing that enterprises should understand and master relevant systems and norms as much as possible in the process of participating in the exhibition, we should also appeal to the competent departments of various industries to negotiate and issue unified management norms for the exhibition industry as soon as possible in accordance with the principle of cooperative development, and do not wait until enterprises gather in front of the government to seek justice.all kinds of deception

The third is the “precautionary principle”. Looking back on many exhibition scams that occurred during the year, we found that the reason for the success of the scammers is not only the organization of the exhibition, but also the blind and immature selection of the exhibition by the exhibitors. Many exhibitors have not paid enough attention to the value, function and methods of the exhibition, and there is a lack of relevant professionals and supporting departments in the enterprises. Therefore, we should also remind the enterprises that the exhibition is not only the business of the exhibition organizer, but the win-win relationship between the exhibition organizer and the exhibitors and even multiple parties (including your industry competitors). After all, everyone’s purpose is the same, that is, to sell the products. In this regard, the improvement of the attention, understanding and operation methods of exhibition is the best way to identify fraudulent exhibition.all kinds of deception

Therefore, the reason for the frequent occurrence of exhibition fraud can not be entirely blamed on those illegal businesses. As long as exhibitors can not give them the opportunity to cheat, they will not let these illegal businesses run roughshod over. Therefore, Shanghai exhibition design company reminds you that you must be cautious when choosing exhibition contractors.

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