Focus on exhibition intellectual property

From the analysis of different levels and industrial chains of the exhibition industry, there are some intellectual property problems in various links of the domestic exhibition industry. In particular, how to effectively solve these problems has become the key to improve the overall level of China’s exhibition intellectual property rights.Focus on exhibition

1. What if the exhibition items of domestic exhibition organizers are counterfeited
As the owner of some exhibition design projects, especially some brand exhibition projects, domestic exhibition organizers are most concerned about how to prevent the exhibition projects from being imitated and cloned, that is, the problems of repeated and identical topics and contents of the exhibition constantly and frequently. In their view, both the exhibitions that have formed brands and the exhibitions that have been formed should be protected as “intellectual property rights” with “exhibition creativity”. The registration of the exhibition logo alone is not enough, but also the name of the exhibition should be protected.

2. Foreign exhibition organizers: what about brand transplantation in China
When some foreign famous brand exhibitions are transplanted to China, they often need to find domestic partners. In this way, in the process of continuing to use the original brand exhibition name and mark, there will be the problem of identifying the intangible assets (intellectual property) of the original exhibition brand. It cannot be ruled out that once the cooperation breaks down, it will lead to intellectual property disputes. Practical experience shows that this issue is an important and key legal content that should be clearly stipulated by both sides in cooperation.

3. Exhibition project traders: what about the lack of standards for brand trading
With the continuous development of exhibition economy, the capital operation of exhibition industry will occur frequently, and the trading of exhibition projects will gradually increase. The transfer and transaction of the ownership of the exhibition project must involve the transfer and transaction of the brand intangible assets (intellectual property rights) of the exhibition project. Although there have been some such transactions and specific cases in China. However, due to the operation procedures and norms have not been issued in time, especially the standard formulation of market transaction value, its reference basis is insufficient, which makes the market seem chaotic.

4. Overseas exhibition organizers: what should enterprises do when they are complained
As an overseas exhibition organizer, we pay more attention to how to deal with the intellectual property disputes caused by the complaints of Chinese exhibitors about the infringement of exhibits or the infringement of software and copyright when participating in exhibitions abroad. (such problems often appear in domestic exhibitions) such events have an obvious upward trend. In this regard, they generally believe that it is not difficult to put forward general requirements on the compliance with intellectual property rights for exhibition enterprises. The real difficulty lies in the difficulty of ensuring and controlling all exhibits. Therefore, they hope to draw a line of responsibility. In case of disputes in this regard, the exhibitors concerned should bear the responsibility, not the organizers.Focus on exhibition

5. Domestic exhibition exhibitors: what if they are cheated by the exhibitors
As a domestic exhibition Exhibitor, what I fear most is that I was misled by the deceptive publicity of the exhibitors, so I participated in some fake exhibitions that don’t deserve the name, or even cheated exhibitions. As a result, I spent money in vain and had no effect. However, what is worth studying is whether the fake publicity of such exhibitions really belongs to the scope of intellectual property protection and whether cheating exhibitions infringes intellectual property rights.Focus on exhibition

6. Booth design Builder: what about copying the design scheme
As booth designers and builders, what they fear most when bidding for booth design is that exhibitors do not let their scheme win the bid under various excuses, but then hand over the design drawings or schemes withheld to a third party for plagiarism or slight modification. The purpose is to save money. In fact, there are some intellectual property issues involved here.

7. Patent holder: what if the new exhibition tools are imitated
Some standard exhibition tools that have been widely used and some newly developed exhibition tools have indeed been patented.
Therefore, if these exhibition tools are imitated, the problem of infringement will be involved. However, in essence, this infringement is only a problem of intellectual property rights in manufacturing industry, which is indirectly related to the exhibition industry.

8. National competent department: what should I do if I am complained by foreign businessmen
As the competent departments of the state in charge of intellectual property rights, in addition to being responsible for the overall publicity, education and management, they seem to be more concerned about how to reduce the accusations and complaints of foreign businessmen.
Therefore, when the exhibition becomes an occasion where there are many complaints, they will put forward requirements to the exhibition organizers and must try their best to take measures to prevent similar events. As for the issue of comprehensive intellectual property protection in the exhibition industry, as many work still needs in-depth investigation and research, the competent authorities still need time to put forward a comprehensive and specific management method.

9. Exhibition Industry Association: what if the management basis is not clear
At present, the actual situation is that there is no unified Exhibition Industry Association in China. However, some local exhibition industry associations have been established, and some associations have begun to pay attention to the related issues of intellectual property protection in the exhibition industry.Focus on exhibition

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