Booth design should focus on simplicity

German booth design said that during the exhibition, a variety of booths have made visitors aesthetic fatigue. When exhibition companies find exhibitors and ask for design needs, the most common sentence is: simple atmosphere and internationalization. However, the era of six or seven colors of a booth has gone. Now what we pay attention to is that the more simple and practical it is.focus on simplicity

Focus on simplicity

Every booth designer knows that the booth should be attractive, pleasing to the eye, give people a good feeling and impress people. There are many factors in booth design, which need to be combined with artistic techniques to produce the best visual effect and good psychological effect. It is the basic requirement of exhibition design. With the continuous development of the exhibition industry, the designer’s style should also change. At the beginning of booth design, we should transition the overall framework in our mind, make good use of the design space, and the designed booth should not be too restrictive, Not too plump. At this stage of booth design, subtraction should be done, and those elements that can not be added should not be added. For example, the front door of the booth is usually the name of the enterprise or the name of the new product when large enterprises participate in the exhibition, and there are no other dense words. Some enterprises wish to publish all the information of the company around the booth.

To tell the truth, you put so many words, which will not only affect the beauty, but also how many viewers will see it? A simple and clear booth. When visitors want to know about their enterprise, they will take the initiative to consult the booth, because such a booth gives visitors a very pleasant first impression. As the saying goes, people’s communication still depends on their mood. When customers are happy, it’s easy to say anything. When the first impression feels very tired, who will be in the mood to talk to you? So it’s OK to say it’s appropriate. If you can’t add it, you don’t feel it. Once the elements are dense, they feel very fake. The main color of the booth should also be controlled within three colors, with clear layers, so that you won’t feel messy.

Only subtraction can meet the most comprehensive customer needs: simplicity, atmosphere and internationalization. Designers should not always follow the ideas of customers and add too many elements. They should guide customers from the perspective of the overall beauty of the booth. This is what booth designers should do.focus on simplicity

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