Necessary knowledge for exhibition design company personnel

The professional knowledge of the personnel of the stand design company refers to the knowledge related to the stand that the personnel of the exhibition design company must have, mainly including the following aspects:Necessary knowledge for stand design company personnel

(1) Exhibition knowledge: Exhibition staff should not only understand the basic theoretical knowledge of stand science, but also understand the characteristics and operation mode of stand forms such as museums, science and technology museums, memorials and World Expo, as well as advertising knowledge, conference knowledge, laws and regulations, etc. The personnel of the exhibition company should be able to skillfully apply these theoretical knowledge to planning, preparation, management and operation.

(2) Meeting knowledge, such as meeting planning knowledge, meeting preparation knowledge, etc.

(3) Knowledge of large-scale activities, such as planning skills of large-scale activities, implementation and management of large-scale activities, etc.

(4) Economic management , such as basic theory of economics, economic management, marketing management, customer relationship management, company management, project management and other.

(5) Scientific and technological knowledge, such as the history of science and technology, high and new technology and its development prospects.

(6) Tourism knowledge, such as tourism theory, tourism geography, important scenic spots, tourism reception and etiquette, etc

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