Several misunderstandings about the purpose of enterprises participating in the exhibition

In today’s society, there are many reasons for enterprises to participate in the exhibition. The most intuitive reason is to publicize the enterprise brand, improve the enterprise image, promote transactions and achieve economic benefits. However, some enterprises do choose to participate in the exhibition because of low cost or invitation without considering their own situation. We think this is unscientific. In addition, there are several misunderstandings of exhibition reasons that need to be paid attention to and avoided by enterprises.misunderstandings about the purpose

misunderstandings about the purpose

1. Choose an exhibition for invitation. We found that many enterprises do not combine their own situation, but only participate because they are invited. In fact, this is unscientific, because some exhibitions are suitable for enterprise products and some are not suitable. Therefore, it is unwise to suggest that enterprises should fully consider their own marketing needs and market potential to accept the invitation and decide to participate in the exhibition. For enterprises, low-level invitations should not be considered, and high-level invitations can only be considered as one of the factors.

2. Choose the exhibition because of the low cost. Low input and high output have always been the pursuit of all businessmen, including exhibitors. However, we remind enterprises not only to consider the cost, but also to consider the following points: first, the market potential of the exhibition location may not be large, second, the exhibition may not meet the needs of exhibitors, and third, the quality and efficiency of the exhibition may not be ideal. Therefore, it is often wrong to choose an exhibition because of low cost, and low cost should be placed in a secondary important position.

3. Choose the exhibition because of good evaluation. Many enterprises choose to participate in the exhibition because of the high praise of the exhibition design. In fact, we think this practice is inappropriate, because this evaluation may be the result of the public relations work done by the exhibition organizers. The evaluators evaluate the exhibition out of their own needs and according to their own standards, and their needs and standards may be inconsistent with those of the exhibitors; The evaluator may not be an expert. Therefore, this kind of evaluation can only be used as the reference basis for the selection of exhibitions, not as the main basis.

The author reminds major enterprises that in the exhibition design and planning, whether to participate in the exhibition must be fully, reasonably and wisely analyzed is the most important. Otherwise, it will not only not obtain economic efficiency, but also waste time and cost.misunderstandings about the purpose

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