Developing exhibition economy needs multi-directional thinking

Exhibition economy should pay attention to benefits

Exhibition economy is to attract many people to come together for exhibition and trading, and form consumption at the same time. Here, producers can get orders, buyers and sellers benefit here. We stressed that the exhibition economy is not to spend local people’s money, but to let outsiders spend money here.

The development of tourism needs extensive communication, so it is closely related to the development of media industry.We believes that after the media industry has gone through the era of point-to-point mass communication and the era of integrated marketing communication based on the Internet to promote multimedia integration, it has now begun to enter the era of ubiquitous communication of “three screens in one” (TV screen, computer screen and mobile phone screen) and “three networks in one” (Internet, telecom network and cable TV network) with 3G technology as the core.

We believes that in the era of Pan communication, in addition to the interaction between consumers in the era of integrated marketing communication, consumers should also participate in value sharing. It can be said that the media industry is the promoter, forward-looking guide and problem diagnosis of the tourism industry. We believes that the relevant activities of Hainan traditional media should be connected with the tourism industry and serve the tourism industry, not just a window to show the image.
“Accordingly, as a media person, he should not only be a text editor and text writer, but also an industry analyst, project planner and project manager from planning to implementation.” We puts forward the positioning of the role of Hainan media people – in general, the new generation of Hainan media people is a Creative Manager of tourism and related industries, who should have modern creative guidance, so as to realize valuable communication. On this basis, the valuable communication value becomes the influence of the media, the attraction of the economy and even the competitiveness of the industry.

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