Six principles of excellent booth design

Booth design is the top priority of enterprises’ exhibition work. An excellent booth design scheme can bring twice the result with half the effort to enterprises’ exhibition work. The answer is yes. Here are some basic principles in booth design, hoping to be helpful to exhibitors!Six principles of excellent

1. Principle of creativity

The soul of any artistic activity lies in creation. The creativity of booth design is mainly reflected in the novelty of creativity and the originality of artistic image. This unique image gives people impact, shock and stimulation. It is unforgettable and plays a minimal and effective role in display. This is the minimal and effective image communication. This kind of creation involves the orientation of form, the imagination of space, the choice of materials, the strangeness of structure, the treatment of color, the novelty of way and so on.Six principles of excellent

2. Integrity principle

High integration and overall unity are the primary and basic principles of display art, including unity of form, technology, color and style. In short, good design is very clear and orderly in the order of art forms.

3. The principle of the times

This principle can also be called conceptual principle. The concept of the times permeates every cell of display art and design. In contemporary times, display design should reflect the following views: humanistic concept, space-time concept, ecological concept, system concept, information concept, high-tech concept and so on. Specifically, attention should be paid to the following five aspects:

(1) The openness, permeability, fluidity, plasticity and organic of space environment. Give people freedom and kindness, so that people can feel, know, and enter, visit and communicate freely.

(2) Adhere to the classic principle of exhibit information. Strictly implement the requirements of less and better.

(3) Realize the integrated color effect of “interactive reverberation” of solid color, and pay attention to the application of colorless series.

(4) A large number of new products, new materials, new structures, new technologies and new processes are adopted. Actively use modern photoelectric transmission technology, modern screen imaging technology, modern artificial intelligence technology and other high-tech achievements.

(5) We must pay attention to the application of free-form curves and free-form surfaces of software materials, and pursue the organic effect of the display environment.

4. Industrial principle

This principle can also be called functional principle. That is, the principle of unity of form and content. The booth design of “metallurgy” industry cannot be the same as that of “daily chemical” industry. We should adjust measures to local conditions and avoid copying mechanically!

5. Cultural principle

Booth design should have prominent style and taste, in which the regional and national cultural traditions should be naturally expressed. It reflects the rooted characteristics of development under historical inheritance. In this way, your design can be unconventional and stand out.

6. Environmental principle

Bread here has two meanings. First, the objective existence of any beauty is realized in a specific environment. A good design must be the product of a full study of similar things in the same region. It must complement the environment in form, but be outstanding. Secondly, any good design will not cause environmental pollution and must meet the basic requirement of “green environmental protection”.
In short, a good booth design should adhere to the unity of science and art, the unity of inheritance and innovation, the unity of content and form, and the unity of whole and part. If you have to use a specific angle to evaluate the quality of display design, this angle is the aesthetic angle.Six principles of excellent

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