Let the booth design detonate the exhibition effect

First of all, enterprises are facing increasingly fierce competition, and reducing costs has become a key to be based on the market. According to the experience of experts, the market of the exhibition industry depends on the economic boom. During the boom, enterprises have a relatively loose budget, are happy to participate in large and small exhibitions, and require luxurious booths, and the money in their pockets seems to be inexhaustible. However, in the face of economic downturn, they will have to be timid and hesitant. Even if they participate in the exhibition, they dare not be extravagant, and the venue layout has to be simplified. From the overall situation, the expenditure of enterprises in exhibitions is shrinking day by day, so many enterprises have adopted the strategy of losing their lives, that is, giving up small exhibitions and concentrating human and material resources on large exhibitions.the booth design

Second, with the rapid development of other media means, enterprises have a variety of channels for information dissemination and contact with the outside world. Therefore, a certain representative view holds that since enterprises can surpass the limitations of time and space and contact anyone through computer networks, they do not have to participate in exhibitions as before. In other words, compared with those fashionable electronic media, The exhibition developed from “going to the market” seems to be out of date.
What is the future of the exhibition industry? Industry insiders who are optimistic about this have put forward strong arguments, which is the face-to-face and targeted contact and communication between manufacturers and audiences at the exhibition. Here, people understand each other and build trust through conversation and nonverbal communication. This kind of communication is completely different from person to person and targeted, so it is easy to achieve results. This is the irreplaceable advantage of the exhibition. Some high-tech products or services require professionals to explain and demonstrate to customers in person, so it is particularly important to participate in the exhibition.

However, the above two challenges exist objectively. The exhibition must actively adapt to these changes and adopt effective countermeasures in order to remain invincible for a long time. Many experts discussed this. The common opinion is that the status and role of the exhibition must be redefined, the participation in the exhibition should be organically combined with the whole public relations work of the enterprise, the establishment and publicity of the overall image of the enterprise, and various possible measures should be taken to reduce the exhibition cost. The implementation of these principles is first reflected in the design and construction of the booth. The design of the booth should reflect and strengthen the corporate image and reflect the corporate spirit. The exhibition is no longer to set up stalls to sell goods. It should no longer show individual products in isolation, but take products as the carrier to show the whole enterprise, its ability and its grade through comprehensive means. In addition to the introduction and promotion of the product itself, these means also include extensive information dissemination, communication, advertising, public relations and consultation. It not only enables the audience to understand the products, but also deepens the impression of the enterprise to a certain extent. Therefore, when designing and building the booth, we should focus on this center and do the following:

Make full use of various possible elements, such as the formation of the booth, materials, sound, light, color and other decoration supplies, constantly give the audience a sense of freshness, stimulate their curiosity, make them interested in the booth, and then have the desire to talk with the exhibitors.

The booth design should emphasize individuality and facilitate conversation in space and atmosphere. It would be ideal if it could not only make people feel “unique” here, but also imitate Buddhist guests.

The supporting use of booth elements should also help to enhance the persuasion of the staff’s conversation content, so that the instant goodwill of customers can be repeatedly confirmed and strengthened in a limited time and space, so as to lay a foundation for the contact after the exhibition.

The booth design should also consider supporting other activities planned by the enterprise during the exhibition. More and more large enterprises regard the exhibition as a good place for public relations activities. In addition to the exhibition itself, they also hold various conferences, seminars, performances or receptions during the exhibition. Because the audience is large and concentrated during the exhibition, these activities are held at the same time with the exhibition, which has a great impact and saves expenses. On the other hand, it puts forward new requirements for booth construction. In the final analysis, the attitude of enterprises towards participating in the exhibition also depends on whether it is economically cost-effective. Therefore, while ensuring the effect, we should also calculate the economic account, use new and reusable booth materials as much as possible, carefully study the design scheme and reduce unnecessary expenses. In a word, for enterprises, of course, it is best to spend less and do more. But it’s easier said than done. It requires booth designers and builders to be more imaginative, creative and flexible.

Therefore, there is a trend that large enterprises begin to abolish the internal department in charge of the exhibition, and entrust the whole design organization of the exhibition to the exhibition service company or similar advertising company, which is responsible for the planning, organization and implementation from the booth design to the holding of various supporting activities. On the one hand, it improves the specialization of exhibition construction, on the other hand, it also gives enterprises the possibility of bargaining. Therefore, the pressure of advertising service companies on price and time is often great, but it may be the only way to effectively promote the process of specialization of the exhibition industry and make it more adapt to the requirements of market competition.

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