What are the key points of on-site management of the opening ceremony of the exhibition?

Many exhibitions, including some foreign ones, will hold an opening ceremony or opening ceremony before the opening. The main content is to invite national leaders or heads of relevant national departments, local leaders and guests to attend the opening ceremony, invite leaders to speak, and one or more main leaders press the balloon or colored paper button to announce the official opening of the exhibition. After the opening ceremony, relevant leaders and guests will take the lead in visiting.

Through the opening ceremony activities, the main organizer aims to create a grand scene of jubilation and increase the participation enthusiasm of participants, which is of great significance to economic or cultural exchanges. Therefore, it has the support of the state or national departments, local parties and governments. Exhibitors and merchants can safely carry out various exchange activities.
The purpose of organizing and managing the opening ceremony is to improve the planning and controllability of the event, eliminate various accidental factors and enhance the compactness of the event, so as to ensure the grand and smooth holding of the event.
The on-site management of the opening ceremony of the exhibition includes the following four points:

(1) On site management inside and outside the opening Hall

The rostrum of the opening hall shall be fully arranged and security checked the night before the opening. In the morning, relevant personnel shall check and debug the audio equipment in advance; Announcers and bands should be in place. Before the opening, the announcer will introduce the development history of the exhibition and the preparation of the exhibition.
Cultural performances outside the square shall be performed 30 to 40 minutes before the official opening of the opening ceremony; Stop at the beginning of the opening ceremony and continue after the opening ceremony; The performance can end within 30-40 minutes after the opening ceremony, which shall be implemented according to the contract signed by both parties.

(2) Reception of main leaders

The main leaders attending the opening ceremony stay in different hotels, and the main organizer of the exhibition shall arrange escorts (including local leaders) and vehicles to meet and see them off. Other local leaders and leaders of the organizing committee greeted the guests in front of the exhibition hall, accompanied the guests to the VIP lounge, and wore flowers and VIP signs symbolizing their identity. Small meetings can also be arranged at this time. About two to five minutes before the opening ceremony, please invite the main leaders to the opening ceremony.

(3) Exhibition opening ceremony

The host announces the opening ceremony. After the leaders and guests make speeches, please ask one or more leaders to press the opening ceremony button and the band will play the music.

(4) Visit after the opening ceremony

After the opening ceremony, the main leaders attended the exhibition hall according to the usual practice. Leaders who are familiar with the exhibition or the organizing committee should accompany them in case of leadership inquiry. The tour route should be explored in advance to present the highlights of the exhibition in front of the leaders.

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