【DE】Newcomers and their innovations: Start-up Area at DACH+HOLZ International 2022

An inflatable toilet house for the construction site, a clever cutting device for the flat roof, an “assembly miracle machine” or a green roof planting system: DACH+HOLZ International will be on the start-up area (Hall 6), DACH+HOLZ International will provide from 05 to 08. July 2022 newcomers and their novelties. New this year: The start-ups have time in short pitches to inspire the audience with their product. Those who convince the expert jury of them will be awarded at the fair.


“Creating contacts”, “Learn news from the industry”, “get an overview of products”, but also “Explore innovations”: If you ask craftsmen about the reason for visiting the fair, you often get these answers. Many companies are exhibiting new products at DACH+HOLZ International again this year. However, it is often smaller, unknown companies that present themselves to provide clever solutions for everyday craftsmen. The start-up area in Hall 6 presents a total of 15 companies and their innovations or solutions. New this year: The start-ups have on Thursday, 07. July from 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. in 7-minute pitches time to inspire the audience with their product (Forum, Hall 6, Stand 212). Those who convince the expert jury of them will be awarded the “Start-Up Award” at the fair.


The inflatable toilet house


The family business Haidl from Passau is a father-son team. Johann Haidl has many years of experience as a master plumber and knows where the shoe pinches on the construction site and where solutions are needed. For example – just in case – the mobile toilet solution “easyToi”, as an alternative to the Dixi-Klo (optimal for short and spontaneous construction sites), which is set up in a short time, or rather inflated. The solution with side walls made of air chambers can be transported folded in the car and is set up and ready to go within a few minutes.


Haidl brings another innovation to Cologne: the construction site downpipe system “ProfiTube”. The system bridges the time during which the drain pipe cannot yet be mounted on a construction site coming from the roof. With the system, construction work or repair work can continue unhindered. In addition, water damage to the facade and in the drain area is prevented. “I developed the downpipe system after a conversation with an architect and a builder about two years ago,” says Johann Haidl. There were always problems with moisture on the facade due to temporary and above all defective self-constructions. From this, the Spengler then relaxed his idea. The production of the “ProfiTube” takes place in-house, some parts – the flexible pipes, for example – are purchased. Especially his son Johannes sells the product and takes care of everyday office life. “I like to tinker and am always open to solutions,” says Johann Haidl. The ideas come automatically to the tinkerer as soon as he discusses a problem in a conversation. His motto: If there is a problem, then a solution is needed! “With our products, we want to make the world of work easier and make the lives of craftsmen on the construction site more pleasant. And we don’t just want it, we also do it!”


Digital construction site


Construction sites are analog, but there are many processes around everyday construction sites that are digitized easier and faster. The company “Craftnote” has a digital offer in its program that should make everyday construction site life easier. For example, recording the working hours of employees on the go or the digital completion of report sheets. This is intended to make the processes in the company more effective. Thanks to digital project and resource planning, bottlenecks and double occupancy on the construction site can be avoided at a glance. Other tools are the construction diary and measurement lists, which can be created from digital templates. The forms can be filled out and signed on site. Own forms can be imported into the Craftnote craftsman app and are then transmitted directly from the construction site to the office. The software is compatible for tablet, smartphone and PC.


The clever cutting fox for the flat roof


Bitumen sheets are usually still cut by hand and with hook blade on roofs, a labor-intensive process. The young company Rooffox GmbH with company founder Tobias Büttgen – itself a roofer journeyman – has developed with the “Flat Roof Fox” a cutting device that automates recurring cutting processes in the longitudinal and transverse direction without much effort. “Compared to cutting by hand, several work steps are omitted,” says Tobias Büttgen. For example, you no longer have to kneel on the roof and cut individual sections elaborately. The machine weighs around 25 kg and has two wheels, so it can also be used flexibly on the roof. According to the manufacturer, significant time savings can be achieved by automating work steps and ease of use. “I know what I’m talking about, that’s why I developed the device as a roofer for roofers,” says Tobias Büttgen.


Wooden house construction rethought


The young Stexon GmbH is committed to innovations in timber construction. The products are intended to optimize processes in production and make the processes on the construction site more effective. “There is so much potential in timber construction and we see ourselves as a partner for innovations around timber house construction,” says Klaus Mohr, Managing Director of Stexon GmbH. A successful product is a multifunctional quick-connection for house assembly. This “small assembly miracle machine” – as it is called by the company – has been successfully launched on the market in the last three years and is now distributed by Hilti. Since January, Stexon has had a board plywood connector from Austria in its range. “X-Fix” is a pure wood compound that is extremely resilient, sustainable and dismantled. Wall and ceiling elements can quickly and easily form a static connection with “x-Fix” and a hammer. In addition to this assembly agent, Stexon has many other tools and devices in its range, which – according to the motto “better, faster, easier and more precise” – should promote rational construction in timber construction. Stexon shows the portfolio around innovations in wood (house) construction at DACH+HOLZ International.


Digital construction documentation


The application “wirbauen.digital” of wirbauen.digital GmbH (founded in 2020) has been designed for craftsmen, architects and builders/construction developers. It simplifies the documentation of construction with an intuitive digital tool. As a software solution from the craftsman for the craft industry, the project and company administration as well as the cooperation of all construction project participants are supported. On the construction site, the smartphone app acts as a central place for data collection. Working hours, photos, benefits and daily wage work are recorded at project level. Via the intuitive user interface, progress is documented directly within the imported specifications (GAEB-compatible) and all positions can be fully viewed.


In the web app, craft entrepreneurs, architects and general contractors as well as builders and investors always get an overview of their construction projects and their current status. In the detailed view, not only recorded services and working hours are displayed, but also the current project turnover, employees involved and photos with comments. The overall progress can be broken down to the lowest performance position. All collected data is easily divisible and exportable. “In the future, we will also plan the automated provision of audit documents to involve retailers and manufacturers,” explains Daniel Grube, managing partner of wirbauen.digital GmbH based in Cologne/Siegen.


Green steep roof


Green areas on the roof additional natural habitat: If the spread of urban life continues to increase, ensuring biodiversity is one of the main requirements for municipalities. This also includes the topic of temperature management. Especially in large urban conurbations, green roofs are one of the most effective ways to reduce the air temperature in the area. Greening oblique roofs has so far been a difficult and above all cost-intensive thing. With mygreentop, this should change. Almost three years ago, Plettenberger plastics technician Dirk Kieslich approached his friends Steffen Reeder and Oliver Stolzenberg with a self-made paper roof pan and asked them if they could imagine advancing this “thing” – the greening of steep roofs with a special roof pan – with him. Said and done, the “thing”, i.e. the roof planting system for oblique roofs, has now reached series maturity. It is simply replaced with the existing roof stone. Due to the low weight of the “mygreentop COMPLETE” roof pan, no extra weight is actually brought to the roof truss despite the greening. Nevertheless, thanks to intelligent honeycomb structure and glass fibers in the plastic mixture, the pan brings a lot of stability and long service life (comparable to ordinary bricks).








In addition to the companies mentioned, there are other young companies in the start-up area that present themselves and their products at the fair:


  • Moisture Guard: Measurement technology for moisture determination
  • Spacific: digital solutions
  • Airteam Aerial Intelligence GmbH: Roof surveying with drones
  • open Handwerk: digital craftsman software for craft businesses and construction companies
  • Attika 247 GmbH: Masonry covers made of aluminum


The complete exhibitor directory of DACH+HOLZ International 2022 is available at www.dach-holz.com.




About DACH+HOLZ International


The DACH+HOLZ International trade fair takes place every two years, the venue alternates between the Stuttgart exhibition center and the Cologne exhibition center. As an industry meeting place for the roofing and carpentry trade, it offers all product and service areas for the building: timber construction and finishing, roofing, wall, waterproofing and plumbing technology. The fair primarily appeals to carpenters, roofers, construction plumbers, architects, planners and engineers.





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