【DE】Award for Sustainability: Michael Spitzbarth from Bleed is Designer of the Year 2022

Together with the VDMD – Network of German Fashion and Textile Designers – Messe Frankfurt honors the Designer of the Year for Sustainable Collections as part of the Neonyt Lab. On Saturday, 25. June 2022, at 3:00 p.m., the Sustainability Award in the Union Halle in Frankfurt Ostend will be presented to Michael Spitzbarth, Founder & CEO of Bleed.


The award has been awarded by the VDMD since 2018 to designers who have dedicated themselves with their designs and collections to the increasingly important topic of sustainability, use sustainable materials and produce responsibly. This means that companies – including, for example, supply chains – must be managed holistically sustainably. Among the award-winning designers so far are Sophia Schneider-Esleben, Anke Frese-Brammer and Laura Krettek. This year’s award winner, Michael Spitzbarth, founded his outdoor and streetwear label Bleed in 2008 – his claim: to inspire a sustainable lifestyle that is fun and easy to integrate into daily life. After studying textile design, he worked for several years as a freelancer for various clothing companies. During this time, he gets deep insights into the conventional textile industry and decides to change something. “Nature had bled enough and that had to stop,” says Michael Spitzbarth, founder & CEO of Bleed. “This is how not only the name, but also the brand was born.”


Save the Date: Award ceremony during the Neonyt Lab


The award ceremony will take place on Saturday, 25. June 2022, in the Union Halle in Frankfurt am Main on the Fashionsustain stage of the Neonyt Lab. The award is presented jointly by Olaf Schmidt, Vice President Textiles & Textile Technologies at Messe Frankfurt, and René Lang, President VDMD. “We are pleased that the sustainability award awarded by the VDMD will once again go to such an outstanding designer this year,” says Olaf Schmidt. “Bleed has been exhibiting at the Neonyt Trade Show for several years, we have a long-standing friendship – Michael Spitzbarth and his team act climate-neutrally, produce ‘toxic free’ fashion collections and have been able to bring people to the green wave without their index fingers for more than a decade.” Lisi Maier, appointed member of the Council for Sustainable Development of the Federal Government and Director of the Federal Foundation for Gender Equality, will give a laudatory speech at the award ceremony.


Lisi Maier and Michael Spitzbarth are both available for interviews afterwards. Interested media representatives please register at: neonyt.com/akkreditierung and please contact the VDMD in advance at info@vdmd.de


Frankfurt Fashion Week – shows sustainable fashion, design & art


In the week from 20th to 26th June 2022, the city of Frankfurt am Main is all about sustainable fashion, design & art. Numerous events take place throughout the city under the umbrella brand Frankfurt Fashion Week. Exhibitions, fashion shows, talks, presentations and open studios invite all interested citizens to explore and experience fashion and all topics related to sustainable design. The umbrella brand Frankfurt Fashion Week thus also offers a marketing platform for the regional fashion & design scene as well as cultural and creative industries. Parallel to Frankfurt Fashion Week, Messe Frankfurt organizes the Neonyt Lab from the 24th to the 26th. June 2022 in the Union Halle, which is aimed at consumers and fashion professionals interested in sustainability. In addition, Messe Frankfurt will bundle from 21st to 24th. June 2022 the globally oriented B2B events Techtextil, Texprocess and Heimtextil Summer Special, which highlight topics relevant to the international fashion and living industry. Frankfurt Fashion Week is a multi-layered, easily accessible and cross-generational offer of the city of Frankfurt am Main.


The Neonyt Lab will take place from the 24th to the 26th. June 2022 in the Union Halle in Frankfurt am Main.



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