【DE】The dream of a small home – individual and flexible

Exhibitors of the NEW HOUSING – Tiny House Festival 2022 introduce themselves

Europe’s largest Tiny House Festival will take place from 01. to 03. July 2022 at Messe Karlsruhe. This is where Tiny House fans meet to discover the diversity of the small form of living. The NEW HOUSING – Tiny House Festival is accompanied by a varied lecture program. The exhibitors show how every visiter can fulfill his dream of a small home.


Flexible living modules for every life situation


From shell construction to turnkey, Heinz Diekmann GmbH builds high-quality tiny houses in wooden frame construction on passenger car trailers. The deliberate renunciation of everything superfluous creates more possibilities. The houses are mobile and customizable. Small self-sufficient holiday homes up to approved double houses are offered. The Tiny House Festival in Karlsruhe is the meeting place for all Tiny House fans, manufacturers and supporters in Germany and neighboring countries. Heinz Diekmann GmbH is pleased as an industry meeting place for exchange and networking, information exchange for the curious people and a showroom for new products. Heinz Diekmann GmbH is pleased.


“We not only build furniture, but also the whole house”


As an ideal addition to her cabinetmaker, Wöhltjen has also been building Tiny Houses since 2015. The mini houses are offered on wheels and also as a small modular house up to 50sqm. The traditional craft business attaches great importance to high-quality materials and production in Germany according to ecological standards. With the construction of a tiny house, Wöhltjen enables sustainable and environmentally conscious living in nature or in the middle of the big city and presents this at this year’s NEW HOUSING – Tiny House Festival.


Life at the desired location


Aurora Company from Poland wants to enable customers to live in the place where they like it right now. The houses are offered on specially adapted trailers that can be placed anywhere. The Tiny Houses are deliberately designed to replace a comfortable apartment. They are delivered to any place throughout Europe, depending on needs and budget – from unfurnished to fully equipped houses.


Decrease ecological footprint


NEW HOUSING exhibitor Tinyhouse Studios inspires the idea of reducing themselves materially, but still living comfortably in a home. Because housing becomes more affordable and the ecological footprint is reduced. And because Tiny Houses are a modern and exciting new form of living that valuablely expands the spectrum of the real estate world. The master carpenter and certified designer Simon Hatzing and his team build modern tiny houses of the highest quality. They attach great importance to individuality, comfort, well thought-out design and environmentally conscious materials.


Sustainable living


Tiny House und Wohnmobile GmbH from Wenzenbach attaches particular importance to quality and precision. With their Tiny Houses, they offer a high level of comfort as well as an excellent living experience. At the same time, the company pays attention to sustainable aspects when building the small houses: If desired, they can be equipped with a photovoltaic system during production. The possibility of connecting a precisely coordinated air conditioning system is already integrated into the shell.


Linking Tiny House developers and those interested in living


Tiny houses can be the solutions for many communities when it comes to inter-utilizing space, creating social housing and advancing ecological solutions. VILCOMO are a kind of general planner, developer and administrator for municipalities. The company uses the versatility of the Tiny Houses to give communities the opportunity to supplement the local structures and create housing for a certain period of time. The Tiny House Festival is a wonderful opportunity to discover the versatility but also the quality of Tiny Houses. VILCOMO is the first and so far only company that sees itself as the interface of all parties involved. We connect the communities with prospective tenants and the Tiny House developers,” says Fabian Müller from VILCOMO. “That’s what makes Tiny Houses special. To work together on something and to create a sustainable solution with and for everyone.”


Tiny smart home


Tiny houses express a way of life with a lower ecological fingerprint. They are versatile, individual in design and flexible in the choice of location. The Tiny Houses of TINY-HOUSE-WORLD.de, a brand of Projekta-SEN GmbH, are building permitable as well as street approved. They are individually planned and manufactured on customer request and have complete technical sophisticated equipment up to the SmartHome solution. On request, the customer can build his Tiny House.

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