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180 one-artist shows exhibited at art KARLSRUHE 2022

They are inextricably part of the successful concept of art KARLSRUHE – Classical Modernism and Contemporary Art: The One-Artist Shows. On at least 25 square meters, a gallery dedicates its program to a selected artist. The focus is on the in-depth insight into the artistic work of the individual. A total of 180 such installations will take place from the 7th to the 10th. July 2022 at this year’s summer edition of the Karlsruhe Art Fair.


A journey through art history


Like the entire trade fair program, the 180 one-artist shows promise a stimulating walk through the art history of the past 120 years: from classic works to the latest positions fresh from the studios. For example, deceased old informal masters such as Karl Otto Götz (Die Galerie, Frankfurt) as well as contemporary artists, including Elvira Bach (Galerie Art Affair, Regensburg) and Marion Eichmann (Galerie Tammen, Berlin). International stars will also be present in Karlsruhe via a one-artist show, such as Christo (Art Edition Fils, Düsseldorf) and Bob Dylan (Premium Modern Art, Heilbronn). The gallery and artist directory of art KARLSRUHE offers a first insight into the diversity of positions.




180 one-artist shows promise interesting insights into the artistic work of selected artists. Here is the work Giverny V/5 by Karl Otto Götz (represented by Die Galerie Frankfurt) © Die Galerie



Award for the best one-artist show


Ewald Karl Schrade, curator of art KARLSRUHE, had made the presentation form possible from the beginning. “We still register a strong exhibitor interest in setting up such one-artist shows,” explains Schrade. These not only facilitate the visitors’ examination of the complete work of an artist, but also serve the appearance of the fair. “The repetitive visual manuscripts bring a certain calm to the berth landscape of the four exhibition halls without reducing the variety of positions,” Schrade continues. Each One-Artist show is also automatically nominated for the art KARLSRUHE Prize. With the award, the state of Baden-Württemberg and the city of Karlsruhe honor an artist and a gallery alike. In the equivalent of 15,000 euros, works from the excellent individual presentation are advertised for the art KARLSRUHE collection, which is managed by the Städtische Galerie Karlsruhe. At art KARLSRUHE 2022, the prize will be awarded on Saturday (9. July 2022, 11 a.m.) at the ARTIMA art Forum in Hall 3.



The artist Ambra Durante, born in 2000, is also represented by a one-artist show (Galerie Friese) at art KARLSRUHE. Here is the work “This is an Ode to Johannes.” © Ambra Durante/Galerie Friese; Photo: Eric Tschernow


Young artists at art KARLSRUHE


The Berlin gallery owner Klaus Gerrit Friese, one of the 215 exhibitors from twelve countries, frankly admits why he dedicates a one-artist show to the works of the young artist Ambra Durante, among other things, in his trade fair program: “The fact that art KARLSRUHE promotes individual presentations with cheaper stand rents is strong. And so our decision for Ambra Durante, which we made out of the utmost artistic conviction, is also easier for us from an economic point of view.” Born in Genoa in 2000, the illustrator who has only recently been represented on the art market, is already receiving a lot of resonance. For example, writer Daniel Kehlmann is one of the admirers of Durante’s pictorial stories. The young artist Shalva Gelitashvili, who comes from Tbilisi, will also be represented with a one-artist show at Galerie Schacher. For art KARLSRUHE, Shalva Gelitashvili has created a series of paintings on a special support material: the glass of old window panes from demolition houses, which blur the boundaries between sculpture and painting.


Artist Shalva Gelitashvili is honored by Galerie Schacher with a one-artist show. © Galerie Schacher – Space for Art, Stuttgart

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