The Leipzig Trade Fair was once again certified with the Green Globe seal in 2022. The certification includes around 300 criteria for social, ecological and economic aspects of the sustainability principle. Sustainability has remained an integral part of the corporate strategy during the pandemic and is reflected, for example, in resource protection and energy saving, regional synergies and social aspects. Many measures are directly perceptible to exhibitors, organizers and guests of trade fairs, congresses and events.


This is how the Leipzig Trade Fair supports sustainable mobility. The good connection of the exhibition center to local public transport allows easy access by bus, tram or S-Bahn. In the sense of sustainable and climate-friendly transport based on renewable energies, there are also charging stations for electric vehicles and a charging station for e-bike batteries on the site. Sustainable action can also be experienced concretely in the gastronomic offer. For example, the subsidiary fairgourmet exclusively gives out organic certified, fair trade coffee, attaches great importance to the use of regional and fair trade products in the entire gastronomic offer and works primarily with regional producers and suppliers.


And when the Leipziger Messe advertises its public fairs at events in Leipzig and Central Germany, sustainable advertising materials are used. These are, for example, drinking cups made of rapidly renewable raw materials, rain ponchos made of biodegradable, GMO-free corn starch and compartments made of bamboo. Practical companions are also the gym bags, which are produced pollutant-free according to Oeko-Tex standard – a durable and attractive alternative to the plastic bag. The giveaways of the Leipziger Messe are thus not only advertising media and practical companions in everyday life, but also exemplary for sustainable alternatives in advertising materials.


Excellent sustainable commitment since 2009


For the first time in 2009 and as the first German trade fair company, Leipziger Messe was certified with the renowned Green Globe seal for sustainable action, which has since been confirmed every two years. Transparent and measurable, the action according to social, ecological and economic aspects is documented. In 2018, the Leipziger Messe achieved “gold status”, which is used to choose applicants with regular certification and continuous improvements in sustainable action. The certification also includes the measures that are developed and implemented, for example, in the Congresses division and at the subsidiary fairgourmet.


About the Green Globe certification


Green Globe is the first global certification and performance improvement program designed specifically for the travel and tourism industry. Since 1992, the sustainability of a company has been evaluated according to internationally recognized criteria. The Green Globe standard provides companies with a framework for comprehensively assessing their performance and controlling improvements in economic, social and environmental sustainability. This is associated with recognition within the framework of regular certification.

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