The Erfurt Energy Storage Days on the 14th and 15th June 2022 show the role of mechanical and plant engineering for the energy transition


The Erfurt Energy Storage Days will illuminate on the 14th and 15th. June 2022 the necessary storage technologies for the energy transition. Matthias Zelinger, Head of Climate & Energy at the VDMA, will be on the 14th. June to give the keynote. In an interview, he explains how machine builders and plant technicians approach the energy transition.


What problems do you see as an association in the energy transition that could be solved with storage?

A system led by renewable energies has various tasks for storage that must be separated. Different technologies are also predestined for these. We need balancing energy that keeps the power grid stable, especially at short intervals. We need short-term storage capacity, especially from the noon solar peak, for the darker times of the day, and long-term storage, keyword dark slump in February. In addition, there are application-specific storages, such as in the flexibility of productions or in sector coupling.


What role can hydrogen play as a storage medium?

From today’s point of view, hydrogen is the champion of long-term storage. In the electricity system, there is simply no other foreseeable solution for bringing energy from sunny summer and windy autumn to winter. The second strength of hydrogen and its derivatives is its good transportability over very long distances and its relatively high energy density. Or to put it simply: Electricity from Australia is not possible, green molecules do.


What priorities are set in the VDMA in terms of memory?

We approach the storage issue very open to technology, ultimately the market has to decide whether it is a battery, hydrogen, a flywheel or a hot water or Lava rock storage needs. Currently, however, the two focal points are the life cycle of the battery and the development of value chains for a hydrogen economy. Both are key issues for Europe. With regard to battery production technologies, the industry has presented an ambitious roadmap and we know that Europe can catch up here. However, with the ramp-up of electrification, the raw material cycle must also be closed. Recycling technologies and resource management are decisive success factors for “European batteries.”


We are currently experiencing an industrial revolution in hydrogen, both potential users and producers and technology suppliers are in an innovation frenzy. We see our role in co-creating entire value chains, politically accompanying the market ramp-up and making it easier for companies to enter the technology.


Are there concrete projects in which the VDMA works together with its members on solutions?

Here, too, it is the three capabilities of the VDMA that we deliver. First: Networking – wide along the value chains and at least European. With us, there are not only partners, they also network beyond concrete projects. Orientation is a success factor. Secondly, political communication, in both directions. There is a consensus that we want to be at the forefront in these climate and energy-relevant areas. It is now important to define the WIE together with politics, research and society. Thirdly: Develop industry goals and roadmaps, standardize them and thus enable technology ramp-up in the first place. Fourthly, market cultivation. We organize trade fairs and congresses, delegation trips and active social media support. Energy technologies “Made in Germany” rightly have a good reputation, which we must use for the fast-growing sectors.


Appointment Erfurt Energy Storage Days, Venue

14th and 15th June 2022 – Erfurt Energy Storage Days, conference & exhibition

CongressCenter of Messe Erfurt


Messe Erfurt GmbH

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