【DE】The highlights of the exhibitors of the W3+ Fair in Wetzlar

Four weeks before the opening of the W3+ Fair 2022 in Wetzlar (w3-fair.com), exhibitors give initial insights into which highlights and innovations they will see from the 6th to the 7th. July in the fields of optics, photonics, electronics and mechanics. Many of the innovations create the basis for competitive products and solutions in a wide variety of fields of application as cross-sectional technologies.


World first at Jenny Science AG


The Swiss experts for industrial automation at Jenny Science AG bring a real world premiere to the W3+ Fair: For the first time, a linear motor axis can be connected directly to the PLC. The world’s first, highly integrated INTAX® linear motor axis saves servo controller and control cabinet wiring. The PLC can be connected directly to the INTAX® axis with the Ethernet bus and the movement can be started immediately without reference travel. This makes the construction of machines and apparatus more compact and easier and saves development time.


Polytec: White light interferometer checks the finest structures


Advances in microsystems technology and microelectronics increase the demand for measurements of structural details, for example to characterize channel depths and edge profiles on a lab-on-a-chip, determine step heights, co-planarity and other packaging parameters, or to characterize MEMS based on their 3D structural profiles and derived surface parameters. With the TopMap Micro.View+, Polytec offers a high-resolution microscope-based white light interferometer for such applications at the Wetzlar stand. The color information (RGB) provided by the measuring object in addition to height measurement simplifies error assignment.


SCHUNK ADHESO: Bioinspired gripping technology


The bioinspired gripping technology SCHUNK ADHESO enables the gentle and residue-free handling of the most sensitive parts and thus opens up a variety of new areas of application. On the adhesive grippers, individually adapted plastic pads made of special polymers simulate the fine hair structure on the feet of geckos. In this way, a wide variety of parts can be safely gripped and held without external energy. The gentle and low-noise adhesive technology requires neither compressed air nor vacuum or electricity.


Janitza electronics GmbH: Actively shaping the energy transition


Janitza electronics GmbH will show innovative solutions for the active design of the energy transition at this year’s booth. For example, the modular grid analyzer UMG 96 PQ-L makes a strong contribution to transparency in the power grids for recording energy flows. In energy monitoring, the new GridVis® is a solution to display and visualize energy data easily, quickly and transparently. In addition, Janitza shows the new load management solution consisting of the PROCONT system and the appropriate measurement technology.


Schneider Digital: Virtual reality in CAx applications


With the VR PluraView Monitor, the term “3D CAD” now gets a completely new value for CAx, construction & design: The innovative VR system makes working in virtual reality environments as well as stereoscopic visualization in construction and design a reality. The new VR PluraView is shown by Schneider Digital in Wetzlar and is a passive virtual reality stereo monitor. As a full-fledged VR/AR desktop system, it is based on the successful 3D PluraView monitor from Schneider Digital. Equipped with a high-tech tracking system, the VR PluraView now allows interaction with 3D stereo models and content across all axes.


Steinmeyer Mechatronics – individual positioning systems


As a specialist for customer-specific special solutions, Steinmeyer Mechatronik has many years of expertise in the development of individual positioning systems and realizes assemblies that are precisely tailored to customer requirements. Applications in the fields of life science and research place the highest demands on precision and stability. With the new sample manipulator for analytics, Steinmeyer Mechatronics fully meets these requirements. Also present at the W3+Fair in Wetzlar will be a transmitted light cross table for screening tasks as well as a focus linear axis, which Steinmeyer Mechatronics has developed especially for demanding low-emission applications in clean room, vacuum and high vacuum.


3DDrucker.de: Additive manufacturing made easy


At the booth of 3DDrucker.de, visitors to the W3+ Fair will not only find information about the 3D printing processes FDM and PolyJet, the company also informs about the innovations in the field of series production with powder and DLP processes. Here, world market leader Stratasys, as whose platinum partner 3DDrucker.de can draw on more than 15 years of experience in additive manufacturing, added three new 3D printing technology areas last year. Wetzlar shows how additive manufacturing can produce injection molds and tools faster and more cost-effectively.


DIOPTIC GmbH: Automated inspection of optical surfaces


The ARGOS matrix 200 is a system for automated defect testing of optical surfaces. It reliably detects scratches, holes, edge projections and coating defects up to a size of 1 μm. The tested components are evaluated in accordance with ISO 10110-7 or according to customer-specific specifications. For this purpose, ARGOS matrix 200 provides detailed documentation of surface quality based on objective and reproducible results.


HETEROMERGE: Multi-material 3D printing


Fast and convenient multi-material 3D printing on two-photon laser lithography systems: substrate-independent, at wafer level, without size limitation. HETEROMERGE enables multimateria printing with the highest resolution (up to 150nm) on typical substrates of microsystem production for passive and active structures for the first time; with automated material change, which shortens working hours and avoids error-prone manual work steps; as well as the highest realignment accuracy (up to 10nm) of the print head after the material change for a continuous print image during material transition.


TNO – Centre for Optics Manufacturing


The TNO Centre for Optics Manufacturing produces complex, reflective metal-based optics through single point diamond turning, MRF polishing and coating. In addition, TNO offers MRF polishing services for semi-finished glass-like products. The production focus is on free-form optics and the production and measurement capacities are geared towards the production of prototypes, breadboarding, individual pieces and small series. In an N-Tec lecture entitled “Manufacture of metallic free-form mirrors using SPDT and MRF, a perspective for surface shape accuracy in the single-digit nanometer range”, Dr. ir. Inform André Hoogstrate about the latest developments from TNO.


nortus Optronic: D7 interferometer


Interferometry is the first choice when it comes to measuring surfaces with high precision. With the D7 interferometer, nortus Optronic presents a system that represents an innovative milestone in the field of interferometric measurement technology. A compact, user-friendly PSPDI system with an accuracy of Lambda/1000 or 0.6 nm that sets standards in the field of interferometry.


IBC Wälzlager GmbH: Corrosion-free carriage system


The trade fair highlight of IBC Wälzlager GmbH is its innovative INOX runner system in stainless steel design. It was developed for all areas of application where optimal corrosion protection is a top priority. Typical applications can be found, for example, in the food and beverage industry as well as medical technology, in laboratory equipment and even in maritime fields of application. INOX runner is sensitive to dirt and can be used in low-temperature as well as high-temperature applications.


IMT Masks and Divisions AG: Micro- and submicrometer structures in and on glass


IMT has its core know-how in microtechnology and offers customer-specific solutions for micro- and submicrometer structures on and in glass. The broad process portfolio is based on semiconductor technology. IMT combines photolithography, optical coating technology and glass processing to produce high-precision and highly accurate structures on customer-specific glass substrates. Possible areas of application are, for example, calibration structures, reticles and aperture plates, but also diffractive elements or microfluidic components – almost everything where customer-specific microstructures can be used on and in glass.


SIOS Messtechnik GmbH: Competence in measurement technology


True to the motto “Precision in Measurement”, SIOS develops and manufactures high-quality precision measuring systems, interferometric measuring instruments and stabilized He-Ne lasers for use in industry and science. In the field of high-precision measurement of length, angle, vibration, straightness, temperature, force, the SIOS experts are absolute specialists. The products are always used when it comes to capturing exact measurement results of the highest resolution and low measurement uncertainty. Quality-oriented companies from all over the world rely on solutions from the Top 100 innovator 2022.


bwh Spezialkoffer GmbH: Make an impression with your own suitcase solution


The specialists at bwh Spezialkoffer GmbH show that the development of individual special cases can also be affordable quickly for smaller companies using the example of a small but industry-leading manufacturer of high-quality gas sampling and gas measurement systems at booth E13 at the W3+ Fair in Wetzlar. Its customers include experts, engineering companies, testing laboratories and specialist departments of industrial companies that sample and measure gases and airborne pollutants. With the bwh special case manufacturer, it was possible to develop a suitcase from which you can work directly. It is suitable for construction sites, optimally secures the sensitive measurement technology inside and the accessories can be accommodated in a space-saving manner.


ACKTAR: Deep black coatings for measuring systems


Reliable signal acquisition even in the event of interference such as stray light & reflections: The deep black Acktar coatings absorb unwanted stray light & noise caused by direct or reflected light in optical systems. AcktarBlack maximizes the accuracy of signal acquisition and measurement performance. The signal quality is excellent even on dark, reflective or translucent surfaces to perform reliable measurements. Acktar products are particularly suitable for system manufacturers who value the precision, quality & reliability of their measuring systems.


TRIOPTICS – OptiSurf® LTM: the non-contact measuring center thickness measurement system


Since March, TRIOPTICS has been on site at its new location in Wetzlar on over 700 m2 as an extended competence and training center. Here, an air-conditioned workshop allows centering of mounted optical assemblies in small series as contract manufacturing. In the showroom, well-known and new products from the diverse product portfolio are shown. This also includes the OptiSurf® LTM: The non-contact measuring center thickness measurement system. With its new LensGage attachment, it now allows measurements without knowledge of the lens material.


Befort Wetzlar OD GmbH: Centenary


The family business Befort Wetzlar OD GmbH is celebrating its 100th anniversary this year. As one of the leading companies for customer-specific opto-mechanical components and assemblies, Befort Wetzlar develops, manufactures and assembles precision-optical products for special applications: from the single lens to tailor-made system integration, from special optics to complex opto-mechanical assemblies of the highest quality. In addition to its expertise in the production of optical products, spherical optics and flat optics, Befort Wetzlar is also a specialist in coating and precision engineering.


Carl Zeiss Sports Optics – Innovative optics for hunting


Founded in 1846 as an optical workshop, ZEISS is now considered a global and innovative manufacturer in the field of photo, cine, nature observation, hunting and sport shooting, among others. Continuous further developments and exciting innovations deliver unique experiences to customers worldwide. Most recently, ZEISS presented particularly light binoculars (ZEISS SFL 40) as well as innovative thermal imaging optics (ZEISS DTI 3 and DTC 3) for hunting. The portfolio is completed with digital applications (ZEISS Hunting App) and active support for young hunting people with the Waidgefährte program.


Nijdra Group – Planning and Development


Since 2020, Nijdra Group has had a cooperation with the German engineering service provider B&W Engineering und Datensysteme GmbH. The aim of this cooperation is to be able to offer customers a complete package, from product development to production and logistics. In the specific case, it was about the development of a calibration system or optomechatronic adjustment module for medical precision microscopes. The feedback from the management of B&W on the approach of the Nijdra Group is extremely positive: “You did a really great job with the assembly of the prototypes and I would also like to thank you for your commitment and the high-quality work you have done in a short time!”


ELI BEAMLINES – Laser Research Center


The ELI Beamlines Facility is a leading laser research center and part of the pan-European research infrastructure ELI (Extreme Light Infrastructure), which houses the most intense lasers in the world. ELI offers unique tools to support scientific excellence in Europe. ELI Beamlines develops and operates four state-of-the-art high-performance femtosecond laser systems and offers its users unique femtosecond sources for X-rays and accelerated particles. These beamlines enable groundbreaking research not only in physics and materials sciences, but also in life sciences, laboratory astrophysics and chemistry with great application potential.


Image material for the products: https://www.dropbox.com/home/w3%2Bfair%202022%20neuheiten%20bilder


The fair at a glance:


  • W3+ Fair Wetzlar 2022
  • + 7. July 2022, Buderus Arena Wetzlar
  • Tickets: 25 Euro/ 40 Euro/ Pupils and students free of charge


About the W3+ Fair


The event dates back to an industrial initiative in Wetzlar and Central Hesse, which aims to promote the networking of the four industries of optics, photonics, electronics and mechanics. Future-oriented technologies are to be launched through new interfaces. The fair took place for the first time in February 2014 at the Rittal Arena in Wetzlar. The W3+ Fair is organized by the Hamburg trade fair organizer FLEET Events (www.fleet-events.de). In September 2019, the W3+ Fair Rheintal celebrated its premiere in the four-country region of Austria, Switzerland, Liechtenstein and Germany with the gold partners EPIC, Swissphotonics and Photonics Austria.


About Fleet Events


Fleet Events GmbH, based in Hamburg, is one of Germany’s leading private trade fair and congress organizers. With its subsidiaries Fleet Education Events and CE Chefs Events, the company, founded in 2006, designs and implements consumer and business events such as Babywelt, Eat&Style and Man’s World, specialist events such as Chef-Sache, W3+ Fair and Photonics+ as well as the educational congresses DSLK, ÖSLK, DKLK, ÖKLK, Through the subsidiary Fleet X, Xircus is developing its own online event platform, with which Fleet Events now also offers digital or hybrid events. In total, Fleet Events today organizes over 50 major events a year both live and digitally. The management of the company with more than 60 employees lies with the shareholders Dr. Thomas Köhl and Christoph Rénevier.

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