【DE】Women’s Association and Board Academy: Cooperation creates a unique platform for impact and diversity in committees and future-oriented, sustainable committee work

A unique network with a strong impact and a nationally and internationally successful community is created by the partnership of the Netzwerk Frauen-Verbinden, an initiative of Messe München for female executives and the Board Academy, the leading provider for the training, networking and placement of advisory boards and supervisory boards. Setting up committees in various ways, increasing the number of women in committees and making committee work more sustainable overall are the goals of the new cooperation.


“With this cooperation, we want and will connect board members and top executives in new ways and ensure sustainable, sustainable and diverse committee work and committee work,” says Guido Happe, Managing Director and Founder of the Board Academy.


“The partnership comes at just the right time. According to the regulation just adopted by the EU on the balanced representation of men and women in management bodies of companies, many more women will be needed on supervisory boards and advisory boards in the future. We want to continue to make the women of our network more visible here and prepare them together for these tasks, says Margit Dittrich, founder, Women’s Associations, “Especially with regard to today’s distribution curves, it is particularly important to encourage young women in particular and to prepare them for committee mandates in advance.”


“Our goal as a Board Academy was and is to synchronize knowledge and experience with regard to the needs and challenges of professional and future-oriented board work. We have been able to do this since our foundation in 2010,” says Petra Happe, Managing Director and Founder, Board Academy, “We are very pleased that our scope will expand through the merger with women’s associations and that we can thus work even more strongly and successfully on the important future topics.”


Two networks – one unique community

With the active network of over 1,000 German and international members, the Board Academy is the leading driving force and community driver for future-oriented committee work that focuses on diversity. With the triad of qualification with the certification program “Certified Member of the Advisory Board and Supervisory Board”, community and board placements, she supports her participants in doing the right things and then doing them right. Together with the Network Women’s Connect with over 1,100 members and Messe München as patron, the strongest impact network with international bridges in Germany is now being created. “Women’s associations and Board Academy are perfect partners to strengthen sustainability and diversity in corporate management – nationally and internationally. “Connecting Global Competence” is the guiding principle of Messe München. With this new partnership, we are taking another step to credibly meet this claim, says Klaus Dittrich, CEO of Messe München.


Women’s Associations & Messe München

Connecting women” is a cross-industry and supra-regional women’s network at the locations in Munich, Berlin and Hamburg. The sponsor and initiator is Messe München. “Connecting Global Competence” – Messe München brings people and innovations together. With “Connecting Women” the women’s network was created in 2015 – personally managed by the founder and entrepreneur Margit Dittrich and Dr. Susanne Hennigers and Jennifer Hader, the directors of Frauen-Verbinden, who, as female executives of Messe München, work together with the customers and exhibitors and employees of Messe München internally and externally. Frauen-Verbinden is one of the top communities in Germany and now has more than 1,100 members from a wide variety of industries and is an initiative of Messe München. The aim is to make women more visible, to inspire each other and to ensure an exchange on a wide variety of topics on an equal footing. In addition to its own matching platform, a speaker platform, a reverse mentoring program as well as a variety of events and cooperations, women’s associations offer many opportunities for the visibility of women in management positions.


Board Academy

The Board Academy is the point of contact for advisory board and supervisory board appointments and governance consulting. It is the most established community that combines training/certification, active networking and board placements. Since 2010, the partners PwC, Commerzbank, Advant Beiten, DICO Deutsches Institut für Compliance and various associations, Körber AG as a digitization partner, Q_Perior as a strategic sponsor partner from management consultancy, have positioned ZEQ AG as an initiative partner for the common topic ‘Advisory boards and supervisory boards for public health and hospitals in a unique synergy as a We team. The goal is to synchronize knowledge and experience with regard to the needs and challenges of professional and future-oriented board work. This is achieved in the certificate course, which has been established for 12 years, as well as in individual in-house training, special board and board programs (e.g. “First-Time MD”, accompaniment of company successions) as well as as as as part of target mentoring for top executives. At national and international networking events and dialogue evenings, the Board Academy enables peer-to-peer exchange and knowledge transfer among like-minded people. This underlines her role as a service and seminar provider for competence in boards with a global network of governance experts, top board members and potential candidates for board membership.www.board-academy.com


The Board Academy is internationally active. In addition to its own subsidiary in South Africa, it maintains partnerships with the Copenhagen Business School, the Board Leadership Society Denmark and the Human Capital Leadership Institute Singapore (Temasek Group), with which she realizes international master classes that will also be accessible to the women’s network in the future and can thus create new connections and synergy effects. With its own European Board Master Class in Mallorca, it also connects board members from Europe on current and future-oriented topics.



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