【DE】Space for Earth: ILA Berlin shows how space benefits Earth


  • global space flight community meets at ILA
  • from EnMAP to New Space – a wide range of topics at the Space Pavilion
  • Astronaut Talk with Matthias Maurer and Reinhold Ewald


Central challenges facing modern society can only be solved by innovations that are the result of space flight. For example, data collected in space provides a comprehensive overview of the climate and weather conditions on our planet. Satellites enable the transmission of large volumes of data and make an important contribution to the digital transformation of the economy. Space flight also results in new findings on the evolution of Earth and the solar system. Obtaining new basic knowledge makes it possible to drive forward innovation. Furthermore, space flight decisively helps crisis prevention and disaster management, with early warning systems able to protect humans and the environment.


Meeting place of the global space flight community

Sustainability and climate change, digitalisation and research as well as prevention – those are the key space flight topics at this year’s ILA Berlin. Ministries, agencies, science and space flight enterprises will all present their innovations and latest products for use on Earth and in space.


DLR presents wide-ranging programme at ILA

On the stand of the German Aerospace Center (DLR) in Hall 6 the focus will be on future Earth observation missions. Tandem-L, a suggestion for a highly innovative satellite mission, aims to globally observe dynamic processes on the Earth’s surface and collect data on biomass changes.


ILA Space Pavilion – a globally unique space flight display

A big highlight at ILA will be the Space Pavilion organised by the following partners: the European Space Agency (ESA), the German Aerospace Center (DLR), the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action (BMWK) and the German aerospace companies represented by the BDLI. The wide-ranging programme of events and on stage activities featuring high-profile space flight actors will highlight how space flight improves life on Earth. Another high point will be the Astronaut Talk featuring Matthias Maurer on day three of the show (Friday, 24 June). Among those attending will be European Commissioner for the Internal Market Thierry Breton; Federal Minister for Economic Affairs and Climate Action Dr. Robert Habeck; Federal Government Coordinator of German Aerospace Policy Dr. Anna Christmann; Member of Parliament and Chairman of the Aviation and Space Group in the Bundestag Klaus-Peter Willsch; ESA Director General Dr. Josef Aschbacher; Chair of the DLR Executive Board Prof. Dr. Anke Kaysser-Pyzalla; Head of the German Space Agency at DLR Dr. Walther Pelzer; BDLI President Dr. Michael Schöllhorn and BDLI Vice President Aerospace Marco Fuchs.


A Day For Our Climate – Data from space for protecting our climate

Day one (Wednesday, 22 June) of the show at the ILA Space Pavilion will take place under the heading ’A Day For Our Climate’. Space flight plays a key role in fighting climate change. Over half of all climate indicators can only be measured in space. Earth observation satellites such as the Sentinels, part of Europe’s Copernicus Earth observation programme, or those of national programmes such as the German EnMAP mission launched on 1 April 2022, collect highly accurate measurements and long-term records, thus providing data which political actors can use to take rapid information-based decisions.


Day one at the Space Pavilion will also focus on the GRACE satellites – a joint NASA and the DLR mission, which this year is celebrating its twentieth anniversary. By conducting gravity field measurements the mission aims to understand the causes and effects of the climate crisis in order to provide a basis for precise protection measures for the climate and environment.


From New Space to sustainability in space – mega trends in space flight

Day two (Thursday, 23 June) of the show is ILA Space Day – with a focus on mega trends in space flight such as New Space, i.e. the growing commercialisation of space flight and how it is closely linked with other sectors such as automotive and agriculture. Another mega trend is space flight’s important contribution to security and defence architectures. For example, space flight provides important information and guarantees a secure communications infrastructure, and allows state actors to make efficient decisions, thus assisting services and armed forces on the ground. Security in space and sustainability are also vitally important topics. The aim is to avoid collisions in Earth’s orbit and to minimise waste in space. This in turn guarantees satellites can operate safely and helps to ensure satellite-based applications function properly on Earth, so that space flight can continue to be of benefit.


Day two will also focus on space exploration, such as NASA’s Orion programme. In summer 2022 the NASA Artemis I program aims to orbit the moon with its unmanned Orion spaceship. The European Service Module (ESM), built by the European Space Agency and German aerospace industry for NASA, is a key element of every Orion spacecraft. Also on board are two manikins of the DLR for conducting medical tests. The first launch of Europe’s new Ariane 6 booster rocket has also been announced for 2022. This will ensure Europe’s independent access to space.


Connected and on the way to new frontiers – digitalisation, innovation and research


Day three of the show (Friday, 24 June) for trade visitors will be devoted entirely to innovations and new technologies. Space infrastructure plays a crucial part in digitalisation. Satellites assist many applications, including secure connections, automation, AI, quantum technology, robotics and smart mobility – all areas of Industry 4.0. Space flight will significantly drive forward digitalisation in future, as well as new developments such as 5G connectivity. Furthermore, space flight provides new insights into the origins and evolution of planet Earth and the universe and establishes new basic knowledge. Zero-gravity research carried out on the International Space Station (ISS) boosts medical and technological progress and facilitates the transfer of technology in many sectors.


Whether on stage or at the exhibition, the Space Pavilion will offer visitors an exciting insight into the fascinating world of space flight, including on the weekend days for the public.


Online tickets to ILA are available now at: ila.messeticket.berlin.




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