【ES】GENERA 2022 will discuss the future of the wind sector

The International Energy and Environment Fair, GENERA 2022, will host an attractive program of activities related to the wind sector on June 14, 15 and 16. With the help of ESA, Wind Business Association, different events will be held to analyze the future of the sector. From this association, GENERA is considered an essential event to publicize the most relevant and current issues in the wind sector, as well as to generate networking between associates and companies interested in renewables.


During 2021, the Spanish wind farm has produced 23% of the electricity that has been consumed in our country, being the first technology of the mix, both in terms of contribution to demand coverage and installed power. The wind power installed in Spain is 28,138.1 MW with 843 MW new in 2021. With regard to the contribution of renewable technologies in 2021, wind contributed 49.23% of the total.


The wind sector employs more than 30,000 professionals, contributes to Spanish GDP with 3,106 million euros (0.30%), being a significant success story of industrial and technological development, and clean energy supply, with a presence in 100% of the value chain dedicated to the national market and export. We have a very powerful wind industry, we are talking about almost 1,300 wind farms and it has more than 250 industrial centers spread throughout the Spanish geography.


Wind energy allows Spanish companies to export more than 1,748.6 million euros, positioning Spain as the third largest exporter of wind turbines in the world after Denmark and Germany. We contribute to the Spanish economy with figures equivalent to industries as emblematic for Spain as wine or footwear. Spain is the second European country by installed wind power, and the fifth in the world. In 2021, our country was the ninth European country with the most wind power. Currently, wind energy in Europe produces more than 18% of the electricity consumed on the continent.


To continue the growth path of the wind sector and as a center of reference in industry and innovation there are great challenges: new auctions, the new regulation of access and connection, the launch of the first hybrid parks and the laying of the foundations on Renewable H2, the development of floating offshore wind, as well as the importance of social consensus. The economic situation of the prices of the main fossil energy products in these months, and their effect on the price of electricity in the wholesale market, means that EU countries must adopt joint and consensual measures.


Wind is not only clean and cheap generation, but also an additional added value due to the set of positive externalities it offers: a commitment to sustainable development, quality employment, the generation of wealth in the territory, a complete and competitive value chain, resilience and financial strength, technological leadership and a leading international positioning.


More information: https://www.ifema.es/genera

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