【DE】Gravel meets New Mobility: Eurobike 2022 brings sport and urbanity together

Eurobike 2022 presents itself more holistic than ever – sports trends such as the gravel bike are intensively implemented and integrated


Frankfurt – From 13th to 17th In July 2022, Eurobike will take place for the first time in Frankfurt am Main. It not only depicts the new dynamics of the industry and illuminates its future: The idea of mobility, the urban bicycle, but also micromobility and digitality are integrated much more strongly and actively. However, the sporty perspective on the bike is not withdrawn, on the contrary: Also using the example of Gravelbike, Eurobike shows its strength in terms of current trends and how perfectly they harmonize with the mobility concept.



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Racing handlebars and wide tires with pin cleats: The gravel bike is currently the all-round hype for the sporty sector, on any terrain. The German and international manufacturers of the trend bike are innovative as rarely. Transitions between pure racer on the one hand and touring bike on the other, but also the mountain bike as the third pole, are simply run over with the gravel today. This is one side of the trend. And the other: The bike is perfect for the cyclist. More robust than the road bike, lighter than the trekking bike and thanks to many mounting options, from mudguards to luggage racks, also more versatile than other types of bikes.


At Eurobike 2022, for example, the Hamburg company Stevens will present its new “Camino” with its great experience in the off-road sector – with attachment eyelets for all conceivable accessories. Another pioneer and pioneer of the gravel bike, Rondo, will present the new Mylc at Eurobike: a graveler who is very much tailored to off-road. An emphatic invitation to continue towards adventure at the end of the asphalt, with a clear demarcation from road bike geometry to off-road all-rounder. “The gravel bike is the standard for us, the road bike the special case,” says Rondo.


Casual jerseys and airy, robust shorts go along with gravel. Sportswear specialist Löffler has already dealt intensively with the outdoor and adventure topic of how to look at and feel with your Gran Fondo softshell jackets.


If you are still unsure how to gravel or plan routes: Two editions of the Gravel Talk on Thursday and Saturday afternoon answer all questions. Lectures and talks each deal with the trend topic number one for two and a half hours. From the e-gravel boom to racing formats, from route planning to the stars of the young adventure scene. And of course, it’s time to go over gravel, guided by Gravel Club, a collective that has been organizing gravel races, rides and events for two years. By the way, the Gravel Clubber are also close partners at the big Frankfurt Eurobike City Bicycle Festival from the 13th to the 17th. July.


“We are pleased that we can successfully integrate the full range of the currently most important trend product for the first time at the new Frankfurt Eurobike – including at many exhibitors’ stands and also in the diverse stage program as part of the Eurobike Academy in Hall 11.1,” explains project manager Dirk Heidrich. “He can prove that the hybrid athlete also feels comfortable in the city of tomorrow during extensive test drives on the Frankfurt Trade Fair City patch.”


Mobility really starts when the fun does not stop in everyday life, for example when commuting to the office: The gravel bike is perfect for everyday life with the right equipment, and of course also available as an e-bike. This also makes longer working distances gravel routes. A small detour to the dirt road is always in it. With high-quality lighting and the appropriate splash protection for the gloomy days, even bad weather comgators are fun. And for the – still – bad surfaces of the wheel infrastructure, the wheels with the wide, profiled tires are ideal anyway.


The right office clothing should be able to do more than others for bicycle mobility: Like the rain pants, which look like classic office jeans and almost feel the same, but keep you tight when commuting through the rain. Eurobike exhibitors like Vaude have them in their program. Even with shirts and jackets, there are many ways to be stylish but breathable on the go. When the office bike becomes an adventure machine after work, robust transport options are needed: bikepacking is the name of the bag systems that tapped on handlebars, frames or saddle frames, accommodate the most important equipment. Providers such as Ortlieb show waterproof, flexibly usable bags on the Eurobike, which offer the necessary storage space for the micro-adventure after work or the overnighter without depriving the bike of its sporty handling and light-footedness. Eurobike Frankfurt will present from 13th to 17th how sports trends integrate into the new mobility and thus get a double fun factor and flexibility. July 2022 with intensive experience opportunities.




About Eurobike:


Eurobike is the central platform of the Bike and Future Mobility universe. Together with visionaries from politics, business, society and the mobility industry, it creates spaces for exchange, new ideas, change of perspective and strong partnerships for innovative mobility solutions and new business models. The booming and rapidly changing bicycle and future mobility industry has its common platform in Eurobike. It sets new standards and identifies key topics in the fields of sports, leisure, health and mobility, is constantly evolving and bringing the global community together live. Eurobike 2022 will take place from the 13th to the 17th July 2022 on the grounds of Messe Frankfurt and is open from Wednesday, 13. July to Sunday, 17. July 2022 from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Public days: Saturday and Sunday. Further information at: www.eurobike.com.


Instagram: www.instagram.com/eurobike_show


Facebook: www.facebook.com/EUROBIKE.tradeshow




About fairnamic GmbH:


With the founding of fairnamic GmbH, the trade fair companies Frankfurt and Friedrichshafen seal a partnership with a focus on innovative mobility. Bundled competence as well as market knowledge, global constellation, brand strength and speed will strengthen the market position in the future markets of bicycles, e-bike, micromobility and general aviation. The Eurobike and AERO brands as well as their satellites are the focus of the joint venture. The aim is the expansion and further development of the two leading trade fairs.









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