Exhibition construction is the premise, and actively following up with customers is the last word

Booth design and Exhibition construction is a service industry that provides services for the exhibition work of all walks of life. Its role is to facilitate the smooth progress of the exhibition and maximize the publicity effect of the exhibition. Therefore, there are high requirements for booth construction and booth design. However, when the exhibition reaches a state of supreme goodness and beauty, it also needs skills to follow up the various guests participating in the exhibition in different ways!

1、 Yes, customers who look around and ask casually

During the exhibition, he just went to your place and asked, these customers have no bottom, maybe they are exploring the market. Then these customers have to contact with their business cards. If their business cards have their website, it would be great. First visit their website, find out their details, and what kind of products they are mainly engaged in, and then send them different information according to different situations. Maybe the products you didn’t bring to the exhibition this time are their main products.

2、 For customers who request to send information

Send him as much detailed information as he says he wants. At the same time, we should also see whether there are opportunities for cooperation according to the product distribution information he sees at your booth.

3、 Customers interested in placing orders

This is a bit like online inquiry. You can only judge the potential of this customer from your communication with them. The more detailed you ask about general products, the more carefully you discuss the terms, the more opportunities you have. For these customers, they will contact them in time after they come back, clearly mark all the information and issues involved and send them to them, and immediately implement proofing (generally, these customers have requirements for proofing). For these customers, we often encounter no news after sending samples. The most common reason is that they do not choose your products to place orders after receiving all samples (including others’ samples), or the market has changed. Don’t give up, keep in touch, recommend new products to them in time, and there are still opportunities for cooperation in the future.

4、 Customers who cannot negotiate a certain term or price

Even if you decide to comply with his requirements after coming back, don’t compromise immediately. First send an email or call (or insist on your previous decision) to see the situation before making a decision. If the customer has a certain soft heart, you will succeed. If he insists on his decision, it’s not too late to compromise with him if you can compromise.

5、 Contracted customers

After they came back, they usually gave him detailed information according to his requirements, and then asked him to open an L / C or remit a deposit. However, these customers who have signed a contract with you do not necessarily mean that they will place an order for you. Now this situation is very common. Some customers have signed a contract with you, but later they will place the order with others when they have a good price or better item from other suppliers. Or the market changes after going back, and the order is cancelled due to the change. For them, the contract has no binding effect at all. The contract is just a form equivalent to p/i. Therefore, such customers should also be carefully communicated. In case of late issuance of L / C or non remittance of deposit, please raise your vigilance and communicate with them in time to see if there are any problems and take corresponding measures. Maybe you can recover an order and a customer.

Under the perfect combination of booth design and exhibition publicity, actively follow up with customers and understand their needs, so that customers can place orders is the ultimate purpose of the exhibition. Therefore, every link can not be ignored.

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