Four characteristics of modern commercial space exhibition design

Exhibition design is a specialty with strong comprehensiveness and industry characteristics in modern society. Designers should have rich cultural literacy and strong creativity, planning, organization and cooperation ability. They should master the methods and skills of system design, grasp the characteristics of the times and show the discipline development law, have strong creativity and comprehensive expression ability in the space, modeling, sound, light, electricity and other aspects involved in professional design, and have knowledge of modern science and technology, psychology, ergonomics and other related disciplines. Emphasize environmental protection awareness and have strong design and implementation ability.

The environment created by the commercial display design is the main factor in the composition of the urban landscape. A wide range of shopping malls, supermarkets, specialty stores, restaurants, business leisure bars, discotheques, beauty salons, etc. are the front positions to realize commodity exchange, meet human consumption needs and experience commodity economy. With its colorful and row upon row characteristics, it forms a pleasant space suitable for human sensory functions with form, color, sound and light. Today, the display design of modern commercial space can be summarized as the following characteristics:

1、 Authenticity

In order to attract and attract customers to the greatest extent, commercial display design must give full play to the creative ability and rich imagination of the designer and create an innovative aesthetic image. At the same time, the commercial display design must pay attention to the authenticity of aesthetic creation, that is, the information conveyed must be accurate and can not exaggerate or bluff, which is also a key issue in modern commercial display design. Otherwise, it will not only lose credibility, violate professional ethics, but also cause consumers’ psychological mistrust and hatred. Five of the eight advertising tenets of the American business community are related to the issue of authenticity, that is, to be realistic, not to be seduced, to be sure of the price, not to exaggerate, and to be honest in recommending. At the same time, emphasizing the authenticity of commercial display design does not mean denying the richness of means of expression. On the contrary, in order to stimulate people’s emotions and arouse their desire to buy, we must pay attention to the uniqueness, richness and novelty of the means of expression.

2、 Sense of the times and national style

Commodities are the product of the development of certain social productive forces and the level of science and technology. In essence, it embodies the evolution of history and the progress of human society. Therefore, as an information medium between commodities and consumers, display design must also have distinctive characteristics of the times. Specifically, modern commercial display design is to use the advanced science and technology of human society and modern commercial management means, make use of the material convenience brought about by the mass production of industrialized society, create changeable visual communication effects through the display of various communication media, to complete the media planning belonging to the commercial category, and then change the shopping psychology of customers with brand-new commodity concepts, Under the influence of display form, consumers can make an organic choice of commodities. Practice has proved that more successful designs often have a high-intensity sense of stimulation or a sense of unconventional form, which adapts to the high emotions determined by high technology and modern people’s lifestyle, thus causing people’s aesthetic feeling. The design without sense of the times lacks visual impact, so it is not easy to attract people and is not noticed by people.

3、 Environmental concept

Commercial display mainly appeals to people’s visual and auditory feelings. It is closely related to people’s activity place – environment. At the same time, it also constitutes an important aspect of urban human landscape, so we must fully emphasize its environmental concept. Commercial exhibition design exists in the human environment system. Therefore, comprehensive design must be carried out from the overall space in the specific design. Comprehensive consideration should be made according to the characteristics of the environment, such as color, architecture, road width, climate and season, which is particularly important in the design of store display, neon lights, poster advertising and electronic display advertising. Based on the overall planning of the whole city and the requirements of environmental beauty, unified requirements and planning should be put forward for its design. Only through systematic planning and design can a variety of prosperous street scenes be formed. On the contrary, there will be a sense of disorder.

4、 Intuitive aesthetic effect

People watch the commercial exhibits in a very short time. Therefore, “the smallest time and the largest amount of information” has become a major issue to be solved in modern commercial display design. Psychological research shows that the aesthetic effect of “intuition” emphasizes instant observation, which is an intuitive grasp of the essence of things under the premise of previous experience and reason. This kind of instant observation is the emotional reflection caused by the stimulation given by the aesthetic object to the subject, which enriches the image of the object in the process of imagination, and leaves a distinct feeling and strong impression on the object in his mind.

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