How to reduce the brain drain of exhibition graduates?German exhibition companies

Although higher education has been popularized, many people can step into the threshold of universities, and the number of highly efficient graduates has also greatly increased. However, according to the survey, there is still an imbalance between talent supply and demand in the society. Many enterprises report that they can not recruit useful talents. As far as the exhibition industry is concerned, various comprehensive colleges and universities have set up relevant majors, and the number of talents sent to major enterprises is not small every year. However, the brain drain in the exhibition industry is still very serious, and many graduates of the exhibition major choose jobs that have nothing to do with their major. So, how can the brain drain of exhibition graduates be effective? As a professional exhibition design and construction company in Shanghai, pinbang has the following opinions:

German exhibition companies

1、 Strengthen the communication and cooperation between enterprises and schools, establish the joint training mechanism between schools and enterprises, and let the schools introduce the exhibition activity cases practiced by enterprises into daily teaching, so that students can also understand the specific operation process of real exhibitions in class, which is more useful than students’ listening to some teachers’ unrealistic knowledge every day.

2、 In their daily study and life, students should not only pay attention to the study of professional knowledge, but also learn to expand their knowledge. Because the exhibition industry covers many fields, such as economy, management, marketing, advertising design, etc., exhibition students should strengthen their ability to listen, speak, write, etc. in the exhibition field, especially the application of professional design software, Now, for many enterprises, the labor force wants to buy one and get three free. Therefore, if you master the design software skillfully, you will highlight your ability in future daily work and turn yourself into a real compound talent.

3、 Enterprises should set up certain short-term internship and practice positions for students. For example, some consumer exhibitions need more people. Instead of recruiting part-time non exhibition professionals from the society, it is better to go to school to recruit exhibition students to practice. This can enhance students’ ability to practice exhibition activities, increase practical experience, and summarize new knowledge and discoveries gained in the process of practice.

4、 Enterprises should properly invest in newly graduated students so that they can receive good skills training in relatively well-known and authoritative exhibition training institutions. As the saying goes, only when trees are planted can they eat fruit. It is also necessary to establish and improve the social labor security mechanism. Treat the exhibition interns equally. Don’t take advantage of the excessive trust of the exhibition students in the enterprise. When an employee can’t even solve his or her minimum living security, he or she will naturally change jobs. It is understood that some exhibition enterprises have not yet established the minimum social labor security for their employees as stipulated by national laws due to the long exhibition cycle and other reasons. Some enterprises misinterpret the labor law to make excuses for some of their illegal behaviors, which also leads to the disappointment of employees to the enterprise managers, resulting in the loss of exhibition talents.

5、 Relevant government departments should strengthen the management of exhibition enterprises, standardize the training institutions of exhibition related industries, and appoint

Entrust an experienced and authoritative industry organization with high social credibility to carry out relevant qualification certification for convention and Exhibition practitioners, so that the trainees can truly master the skills required by convention and exhibition activities through training and obtain professional qualification certificates consistent with the skills.
In short, according to German exhibition companies, it needs the joint efforts of institutions and enterprises to reduce the brain drain of exhibition professionals.

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