Nine precepts for exhibitors

Nine precepts for exhibitors

First caution: the purpose of the exhibition is unknown.

The purpose of the exhibition should be to promote your products and help them go to the market. If the exhibition purpose is not clear, it will directly affect the booth design layout and product furnishings.

Second caution: do not read the exhibitor manual.

If you do not read the manual, you will become a “headless fly” in the exhibition, and you will not be able to understand the exhibition schedule, registration procedures, exhibitor information, exhibition instructions, transportation services, housing information, advertising and promotion information, etc.

Three cautions: it’s too late to make a worksheet.

Too late to make a worksheet will result in time constraints, so it is easy to be in a hurry and make mistakes.Nine precepts for exhibitors

Four precepts: ignore the training of employees.

They didn’t pay attention to the training of exhibitors, and some employees didn’t understand the purpose, content and objectives of the exhibition, which affected the image of the enterprise.

Five precepts: I don’t know how to communicate with others.

Do not know how to properly communicate with customers, do not understand the real needs of customers, thus affecting the overall work.

Six precepts: random printing.

Do not understand the actual needs of unfamiliar audiences, and send out the printed matter that should have been retained in advance.

Seven precepts: I don’t know how to demonstrate the product.

The exhibition design staff do not know how to demonstrate the exhibits, which will affect the product exhibition effect. Before the exhibition, employees should be familiar with the exhibits, so as to make a good product demonstration.

Eight precepts: ignore the follow-up work after the exhibition.

Many enterprises will be successful after the exhibition. In fact, the follow-up work after the exhibition is very important. Thoughtful service to customers will often make them your lifelong customers.

Nine precepts: ignore the exhibition summary.

The exhibitions are different. Every time they participate in the exhibition, they have their advantages and disadvantages. There are always areas to be improved. After each exhibition, please make a summary and self-assessment with your employees immediately, so as to continuously improve.Nine precepts for exhibitors

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