【FR】Comexposium: has been a leading professional and public events organiser in France and around the world for over a century

Comexposium is one of the world’s leading event organizers. Globally, it hosts more than 135 B2B and B2B2C events across many different sectors, significantly in agriculture, construction, fashion, food, health, leisure, real estate, retail, security, students, tourism, and works council. At events, in over 30 countries, Comexposium welcomes more than 3,5 million visitors and 48,000 exhibitors annually. Headquartered in France, Comexposium’s employees and sales network operate in 20 countries.



For over a century, Comexposium has been a leading professional and public events organiser in France and around the world. Annually, it organises some of the largest, and most well-known, events in France such as SIAL, SIMA, Foire de Paris and the l’Étudiant events.




Key figures of the Comexposium Group


The Comexposium Group, 3rd world’s event organisers, is involved in more than 135 B2C and B2B2C events across different sectors, significantly in agriculture, construction, fashion, food, health, leisure, real estate, retail, security, students, tourism, and works council. Comexposium hosts more than 3,5 million visitors and 48,000 exhibitors.




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Comexposium’s longest running event, Foire de Paris, began in 1904. Today, their 67 brands run hundreds of B2B, B2B2C, and 1:1s, each year, all over the world. Always seeking to find new opportunities to connect their customers. Comexposium is a subsidiary of the Paris Ile-De-France Regional Chamber of Commerceand Industry and of Crédit Agricole Assurances.




Crédit Agricole Assurances Europe’s leading bank insurer, holds all of Crédit Agricole’s insurance entities. The group offers a range of products and services for savings, retirement, health, death & disability and property insurance.

They are distributed via Crédit Agricole group banks in France and in 9 other countries worldwide, by wealth management advisers and insurance agents. Crédit Agricole Assurances companies meet the needs of individuals, professionals, farmers and businesses.




The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Paris Ile-de-France supports businesses on a day-to-day basis as they develop their projects, represents them and defends their interests with French authorities. It makes recommendations to stimulate growth, trains tomorrow’s talent to rise to tomorrow’s challenges and promotes the Parisian region with the support of the Greater Paris project.




Discover the global network of Comexposium


Comexposium has offices in 20 countries dedicated to creating connections and providing exceptional experiences for their customers.


Asia & Asia-Pacific


  • AustraliaChina•India•Indonesia•Japan•Korea•Singapore


Europe & Middle East


  • BelgiumDenmark•France•Germany•Holland•Italy•Norway•Spain•Sweden•Turkey•United-Kingdom


North America


  • CanadaMexico•United-States


Including sales network




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Foire de Paris is the biggest Spring shopping (typically for ten days in April–May) in France, it is a major retail event that has been held annually in Paris since 1904, at the same time, the place where coexist Innovations, Gastronomy from here and elsewhere, Handicrafts without forgetting a complete offer to make home projects a reality. Although mainly showing domestic goods, it offers a varied range of products for the general public. Since 1924 the fair has been held in the Porte de Versailles exhibition center. Foire de Paris welcomes each year almost half a million visitors and 1,500 exhibitors over 12 consecutive days, so it is the largest general-purpose fair in Europe.


Presenting the trends that correspond to the mode of consumption of the moment in a friendly atmosphere is the ambition of Foire de Paris! Crossroads of inspiration, discoveries and the realization of major housing projects, Foire de Paris is the largest place of commerce in France for the general public, which generates one of the largest turnover for exhibitors! With an international shopping offer, Foire de Paris is also an invitation to travel. With nearly 50 countries represented, the visitor discovers gastronomy from around the world, handmade craft products and meets passionate creators. A key spring meeting, Foire de Paris is committed to offering each year to these thousands of visitors a unique and festive experience!




THE EARLY YEARS (1904-1925)


Photo: en.wikipedia.org






Paris’ major administrative bodies (the City Council, the Seine General Council, Paris Chamber of Commerce) begin to take an interest in the Foire’s future. On their return from a trip to Leipzig, two Parisian councillors report back as follows: “The Foires de Paris affirm the superiority of our taste, ingenuity and culture. We, as a nation, must help them to develop”.



The outbreak of war forces the committee to suspend its activities.


With “Big Bertha” cannons thundering less than 100 km from the capital, the fair still goes ahead: a particularly symbolic gesture!

Agricultural machinery and public works equipment are exhibited for the first time, but there is something even more amazing: 400 shops dedicated exclusively to fashion (in the midst of the war!). Women are not the only visitors to the event; on the front, conscripted industrialists seek and obtain extraordinary leave to visit the exhibition and make preparations for the post-war period.



In early April, with last-minute preparations underway, the dangers become too great and the bombardments force the Minister of the Interior to cancel the event.


The fair continues to grow. It covers the Champs de Mars and Les Invalides as well as the Avenue de la Motte-Picquet which links them. An important new innovation this year: for the first time, exhibitors can, for a modest sum, equip their stand with “a telephonic device”.


The Foire de Paris is held at the Porte de Versailles exhibition centre.




Photo: foiredeparis.fr




THE GOLDEN AGE (1926-1940)


1927 to 1929


It is during this period that the Foire de Paris establishes its international role. In 1929 there are 754 foreign exhibitors.


Two competitions pique Parisians’ curiosity: a poster competition, including draft designs from 305 competitors, and an inventions competition: the already famous Concours Lépine which brought us large numbers of inventions (the two-stroke petrol engine, gears, telescopic cinema,…






The Foire de Paris oozes class. The Porte de Versailles really looks the part with its monumental gateway decorated with red and silver enamels and its 30-metre high pylons, now listed as historic monuments.


The Foire de Paris’ popularity is such that the world’s press heaps praise on it in countries as far away as China.






The threat of war becomes a reality. The 1940 Foire de Paris ends on May 10, the same day on which the Germans launch their great offensive.


The committee suspends its activities; they will not recommence until 1945.




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THE REVIVAL (1945-1955)




In his speech delivered at the opening of the Foire de Paris, President of the Provisional Government, Charles de Gaulle describes the event as a “commitment to effort and renewal”.


It is encouraging to see that the main areas are given over to industry: engineering, electricity, iron smelting and aluminium. Visitors include large numbers of former prisoners of war and deportees. They receive free admission.






The fair covers 45 hectares. Alongside heavy industry, furnishings and refrigeration industries, for the first time since the war, the event features luxury goods industries: leather goods and boots.


But the exhibit that really piques visitors’ collective curiosity is to be found in the Radio salon: 23 working television sets attract thousands of astonished onlookers.






A distinguished visitor, the President Vincent AURIOL politely advises French people: “All those who are sad and depressed should come to the Foire de Paris, their sadness will give way to optimism”. And Le Figaro, beneath a drawing by the cartoonist Piem showing the Foire bedecked with cranes and flags, proclaims: “you must go to the Foire de Paris with the same spirit as Robinson Crusoe when he went off to conquer his desert island” (May 20, 1950).






The Foire de Paris is 50! A commemorative medal is awarded to exhibitors who have participated for at least 25 years.




Photo: en.foiredeparis.fr








For the first time, the exhibition is open in the evening. In the same year, as a side event to the Foire de Paris, the “Antique Dealers’ Fair” is held at the Grand Palais.






A landmark moment in the history of the Foire de Paris. Michel DEBRE, the Prime Minister at the time, chooses the Foire de Paris as the venue for a meeting of the 6 members of the Common Market.






First appearance of the Village de France which, in just a few years, will become the jewel in the crown of the event. “The most sensational new exhibit ever at the Foire de Paris” proclaimed Le Figaro on May 17. Its 30 fully equipped prefabricated houses nestle around a church and bell-tower.


The village is so real that the organisers even marry a couple of young visitors right there in the Foire de Paris.






The Foire de Paris feels the full brunt of the fallout from the events of May ‘68. On the very day that the event begins, the metro workers go on strike. Visitor numbers fall, but almost 400,000 people still pass through the turnstiles.


The Foire de Paris survives, but the approach needs to be revised. If the Foire de Paris is to continue, the organisers need to put their house in order, review their approach and give the whole event a new and coherent image.



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 A NEW LOOK (1969-1987)




The Foire de Paris enters a new phase in its history. All the major problems are featured – pollution, road safety, continuing education, space exploration, energy efficiency, …


So the Foire de Paris takes on a whole new image, becoming a thoroughly modern event, clearly organised in huge exhibitions which make it easier for visitors to find the things which interest them.




Since 1972


The million visitor mark is reached every year. The Foire de Paris has obviously been around for a long time, but it maintains a young outlook and its determination to always adapt to market changes guarantees it a very bright future.


Photo: en.foiredeparis.fr












This year the Foire de Paris takes as its theme recreation, festivals and leisure and remains open for an extra hour each evening.


It features 3 new exhibitions:




National Second-hand Automotive Vehicle Exhibition (500 to 600 vehicles)


Curios and Trinkets Exhibition


Minerals and Fossils Section


The housing pavilion hosts the Renewable Energy and energy efficiency show for the first time.






Some anniversaries this year:


The 10th Garden exhibition


The windsurfing area celebrates its second year in the Tourism and Leisure exhibition.


For the 1st time in ‘83:


The innovation hub: a showcase for French technology (robotics, energy, transport…)


The computer makes its first appearance at the Foire de Paris with the Living with Information Technology exhibition.


Foreign nations exhibition:


a new service for countries and visitors concerned with trade, made available by the Paris Chamber of Commerce.


For children:


Comic strip show: the new version of the world’s biggest comic strip is shown on a giant screen.


The Televideo-Son (television, video and sound) exhibition offers visitors the chance to take a trip across the galaxy aboard a spaceship.




New this year: the Auto exhibition, Maintenance – for maintaining your vehicle and carrying out your own repairs.


The tourism and holidays exhibition celebrates its 20th anniversary.


The home comforts show organises the “novelties forum” to promote innovation and creativity in the field of household appliances.


The TelevidéoSon exhibition plays host to the “Top 50” team. Organised by the radio station Europe 1 and Télé 7 jours magazine, the programme is broadcast live from the Foire and features the week’s best-selling records.


The swimming pool show showcases the infinity pool.




Party time at the Foire


The flower festival:


For May Day, an Eiffel Tower made entirely of flowers is on display in the central aisle.


Every 1000th female visitor has a bouquet of flowers delivered to her home, courtesy of the Foire de Paris.


The food festival:


A nose for spices: Jean LENOIR, author of the famous book “A nose for wine” invites visitors to guess, smell and discover the bouquets of his bottles.


Fine wine auction.




Villages of the world and Exotic Menus, a new exhibition in the Villages of the World area, provides visitors with an opportunity to discover crafts and local cuisine from a variety of countries (Portugal, USSR, Thailand)…



reconstruction by the Air Force, of the air traffic control building (including a simulator) which had been on display at the Concours Lépine.




Fanfares and military bands welcome visitors to the fair each morning.


In the central aisle, the big stage is one of the fair’s main entertainment areas, featuring actors, tap-dancers, talented young performers and mime artists and hosting radio broadcasts.


The first International Martial Arts Festival is held in hall 7, welcoming the European, World and Olympic champions in the discipline.




1991 is the year of “change with continuity”


Acrobatic display, with sound and light accompaniment, combines sport and artistic creativity in an original production (trampolining, tumbling, acrosports, gymanastics and capoeira) with the World Trampoline champion.


A new show: The collectors’ fair An auction is organised live from the show.


Each day, the Blue Exhibition is the venue for synchronised swimming demonstrations.  French national teams participate for the first time, including elite athletes in the French Swimming Federation’s other disciplines, such as the French women’s water-polo team.


90th anniversary of the Concours Lépine For the occasion, the Post Office, to the delight of philatelists, issued a commemorative stamp.






2 new exhibitions:




1st International Antique Dealers’hub

Advice area (answers to questions and everyday problems related to health, insurance, retirement…)

The fantastic lottery nights:



produced by la Française des Jeux (National lottery operator), the fantastic lottery nights show premiers as part of the Foire de Paris evening programme.



1996 (26 April – 8 May)


A giant computer installed in the central aisle of the Porte de Versailles exhibition centre enables visitors to discover the history and evolution of information technology, design and interactive communication.






To mark the World Cup, the football area hosts the future World champions. Some of them even act as catwalk models, showcasing the collections of famous fashion designers.



To mark its entry into the new millennium, the Foire de Paris seeks to promote increased well-being by becoming “the city of dreams”, a slogan which reflects the background to the event and the strong festive spirit of the time.


The Foire de Paris focuses on culture and plays host to jazz by creating the biggest “Jazz Festival” ever staged in France: 660 musicians, over 150 concerts on 3 stages are set up around the Porte de Versailles Exhibition Centre!




100 years of the Foire de Paris!


To mark the anniversary, giant candles adorn the roofs of some of the halls.



Photo: en.foiredeparis.fr










photo: en.foiredeparis.fr


Find in a single place, the most complete offer in Europe to fit out and furnish your home.

Come and compare products, test them, ask for a quote and find new innovative and trendy ideas for your decoration.

The exhibitors will be delighted to help you with your projects. Their professionalism and passion for the trade will make them great allies, whether you want to renovate, build a house, or do small or large-scale work.

Each year, there are more and more exhibitors to offer you tailor-made furnishing and decoration solutions, to imagine an interior that suits you. All projects come to fruition at Foire de Paris! Imagine your home from floor to ceiling with the experts present at Foire de Paris.





photo: en.foiredeparis.fr




Come and meet craftspeople, artists and designers at the Foire de Paris this year. Highly skilled exponents of ancestral or contemporary techniques, their unique and original creations will take centre stage. In the Arts and Crafts & Cultures of the World area, no fewer than 50 regions and countries are represented: France, Asia, the Americas, Africa and tropical islands. Tourism, gastronomy and music also feature prominently and cultural heritage and riches a-plenty are provided for your enjoyment.






photo: en.foiredeparis.fr



Well-being, fashion and accessories, this is a not-to-be-missed opportunity to treat yourself and discover the whole beauty range and the latest fashion trends. If you are looking for that special something to brighten up your life, or maybe this summer’s must-have gadget, you’ll find it all here!





Come and play indoors or out, discover creative hobbies, take part in sporting pursuits, learn through play – and stay connected. These are just a few of the activities that await you in the Foire de Paris’ Leisure and everyday life area.



DÉMONSTRATEURS 1 FOIRE DE PARIS.       Photo: en.foiredeparis.fr





Wine & Gastronomy, this is the area which will constantly tickle your taste buds and allow you to discover new flavours, from home and abroad. Take a flavoursome and aromatic tour of wine regions and gastronomic centres – an experience you’ll never forget.




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The SIAL was established in 1964 by several groups, including the  (General Confederation of the Retail Food Trade, and at the instigation of public authorities (Ministry of Agriculture (France)\Ministry of Agriculture, Paris Chamber of Commerce).



Twenty-six countries participated in the first fair, which was held at the Center of New Industries and Technologies (CNIT) in La Défense, as part of International Food Week. The second SIAL was held in 1966, also at the CNIT. The trade show was held at the Versailles Gate Exhibition Centre from 1968 to 1984 and at the North Paris-Villepinte Exposition Park since 1986.




In 2014, SIAL Paris marks a new stage by integrating the Salon International du Process et du Conditionnement Alimentaire ( IPA show), which will be represented within the Equipment, Technology and Services sector.




Since 1964, SIAL has developed a strong commitment to help food professionals develop their core business and discover new trade opportunities on national and international markets. Today, the SIAL network includes 9 shows: Europe (Paris), Asia (Shanghai/Jakarta), North America (Montreal/Toronto), Middle East (Abu Dhabi) and Food India Inspired by SIAL in New Delhi. Operating in many parts of the world, SIAL is the world’s largest platform (14,700 exhibitors from 109 countries) for the product sourcing.



Photo: en.wikipedia.org






In 2014, SIAL celebrated 50 years of expertise, assuring the brand of its leading position. Through its worldwide offices and teams, SIAL offers comprehensive local knowledge and access to the world’s largest food marketplace, providing unrivalled marketing intelligence.






SIAL carries innovation in its DNA and offers an insight into the latest food innovations and trends through a unique SIAL Innovation event that guarantees the most comprehensive food innovation database in the world. Every SIAL event across the world offers an exclusive selection of innovative food products, sourcing together each year over 2,000 new products.






Gathering around 14,700 exhibitors from 109 countries, SIAL exhibitions guarantee the best international offer that suits your local/regional food retail market.




Every SIAL show offers a very specific “welcome” attitude, to make each visitor, “feel at home” and offers a range of quality services (such as online registration, easy access to the show, visiting tools) to make each visit comfortable and efficient.


Every show provides a range of outstanding events such SIAL Innovation, La Cuisine or conferences, to add tremendous value to each visit.



Photo: sial-network.com






Innovation is everywhere in the aisles of SIAL. The exhibitors are not lacking in re-invention and are bringing a new wind to the various Markets.


To bring out the French exhibitors, the internationals, the pavilions compete at SIAL INNOVATION. Pickle juice, active charcoal, discoveries on protein substitutes, etc… are just some of the innovations that will be at the heart of the event.


SIAL Innovation at SIAL Paris, discover the most innovative food products provided by SIAL Paris exhibitors… and analyse consumer trends from all over the world! With a 10% rise in the number of new products presented for the SIAL Innovation


Awards, there is no stemming the flow of agri-food innovations, whether targeting manufacturers, retailers or, of course, consumers.



Photo: sial-network.com




Key figures


2,355 validated products presented by 1,193 companies

3 categories

11 product sectors

2 purchaser target sectors

2 intermediate products & ingredients and E&T sectors

More than 800 selected products, including 174 foodservice

15 award winners

SIAL Paris offers the opportunity to all the winners of previous editions to see their products displayed through the SIAL network events. It is a great showcase that allows products to travel to all continents and thus shine in different markets: SIAL India, SIAL Jakarta, SIAL Middle East, SIAL China, SIAL Canada and finally SIAL Paris.




The World Champions Tour is part of SIAL INNOVATION and allows buyers from all over the world to discover innovations from other trade shows at the show, discover emerging trends around the world and facilitate contact with award-winning exhibitors.




Photo: sial-network.com







Solutions for all farmers on all continents! SIMA 2020 will be held from 6 to 10 November 2022 at Paris Nord Villepinte, France.



Photo: en.simaonline.com




key figures


International exhibition of technologies and solutions for efficient and sustainable agriculture, SIMA brings together:


  • 1,800 companies from 42 countries
  • 15 exhibition sectors
  • 230,000 entries from 140 countries


SIMA business sectors


SIMA fulfills the requirements of all farmers, whatever the size of farm or production method.


An exhaustive product range for


Photo: en.simaonline.com



And all the following sectors:




Photo: en.simaonline.com






The last edition of SIMA took place from February 24th to 28th. Discover all the facts and figures from the last event: exhibitors, visitors, events and media.




SIMA 2019 visitors: key figures


  • 230, 000 entries
  • 140 countries
  • 25% international visitors
  • 400 international delegations

SIMA 2019 exhibitors


  • 1,800 companies
  • 42 countries


Covering 15 sectors:

  • Traction
  • Components, spare parts and accessories, onboard electronics
  • Tilling, sowing and planting
  • Plant protection
  • Irrigation
  • Harvesting
  • Post-harvesting
  • Equipment for tropical crops
  • Handling, transport, storage and buildings
  • Stock-breeding equipment
  • Milking and dairy equipment
  • Professional landscaping equipment, forestry equipment
  • Sustainable development, renewable energies
  • Management, IT, software


Professional organisations, services, advice

Key theme: innovation for competitive agriculture


A theme developed through several show features:


  • Innovation Village: a prospective area in touch with the current needs of farmers and manufacturers
  • Start-Up Villages: 35 innovative start-up gathered
  • Satellite AGRI’HACKATHON: 100 participants for 48 hours of research on the theme “agriculture and satellite data”
  • Job Dating: 190 candidates, 50 offers made by 16 companies
  • SIMA’s 4 round tables on the major issues facing the farming world such as organic agriculture, the cropping systems of tomorrow, agriculture in the digital age, livestock and AgTech



SIMA 2019 Innovation Awards







The SIMA Innovation Awards reward the most innovative equipment, products, techniques and services presented by the show’s exhibitors. The winners were revealed during the SIMA Preview that took place in Paris November 22, 2018.




Each successive roll of honour of the SIMA Innovation Awards serves as a revelation of underlying trends in the changes and developments underway in farming equipment, user concerns and the responses provided to them by manufacturers and suppliers of solutions.




The 3 major trends of these Awards


  • Digital tech in agriculture : from collecting reliable data to leveraging them for increasingly advanced decision-making, to acquire new agronomic knowledge
  • Machine work quality and performance in view of more complex crop operations and wider crop variety
  • Safety, working conditions and health in the workplace: requirements increasingly taken into consideration by manufacturers


2 gold medals


CLAAS : JAGUAR 960 TERRA TRAC – Forage harvester with suspended rubber tracks


Photo: en.simaonline.com




LAFORGE : DynaTrac® – Implement guidance interface


Photo: en.simaonline.com








l’Etudiant is a site specializing in the orientation, training and success of studies: student fairs, job descriptions, directory of establishments, announcements …



photo: comexposium.com


Student lounges


Lounges for high school and college students


L’Etudiant will meet you all year round at its many exhibitions, but also at its new virtual exhibitions, 100% online. Whether you are a high school student, bachelor or student, the fairs will allow you to succeed in your orientation by informing you about the possible paths. Short, long, professional or general studies, in initial or work-study training, at the university, in business and engineering schools, or even in specialized schools … trade fairs are unique opportunities to be able to interact with teachers and students, directly on their stand! You will get all the information on training, admission conditions, programs, openings, internships or student life!


Conferences to ask your questions


The Student fairs offer many events and conferences: experts are mobilized around a journalist from the Student editorial staff to help you identify, define and consolidate your career plan. This is the perfect time to ask all the questions that concern you and thus obtain answers adapted to your objectives.


Studies, jobs, employment, student life … Student fairs cover all the themes that interest you.


Discover the Student Fairs and get all the information you need to deepen your thinking, refine your choice of studies and choose the training that suits you best!


Specialized exhibitions:


  • Apprenticeship, work-study and trades fair
  • Health, social, paramedical and sport fair,
  • Arts, communication and digital fair
  • Study abroad fair
  • Video games and animation cinema fair
  • Grandes Ecoles Fair
  • Masters, Masters and MBA fair
  • Competition and preparation fair
  • Salon What to do after a bac + 2 / + 3?


All training fairs:


  • Student Fair
  • High school student and student fair
  • Parents’ Lounge
  • Back-to-school show

Meetings around trades (only in Paris):


  • Journalism, communication, marketing
  • Sports, leisure, entertainment, diet
  • Sustainable development and environment
  • Trade, sale, distribution, real estate
  • Luxury, fashion, design
  • Banking, finance, insurance, accounting expertise, audit
  • Cinema and special effects
  • Tourism, hotels, catering
  • Accounting, management, HR, secretary









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