【DE】TrendSet Summer 2022: Mega fair in Munich!

21,000 visitors, satisfied exhibitors, high order numbers.


  • First major international interiors & lifestyle fair in summer
  • More and new exhibitors due to cancellations of other trade fairs
  • Visitor and exhibitor numbers almost back to pre-corona level


Early before the new autumn/winter season, TrendSet invited the industry back to Munich and everyone came. The six exhibition halls of TrendSet summer 2022 were full of new goods. Almost 2,000 national and international exhibitors and collections showed their novelties from the areas of Live & Give, Cook & Eat, Decorate & Create and Work & Play for autumn/winter 2022.23 and Christmas 2022. 20,919 visitors ensured high order numbers on the three days of the fair. With 21.9% more exhibitors and collections and a visitor increase of 25.77%, TrendSet is thus approaching pre-corona times again.



Photo: trendset.de



Successful start to the order season of the 2nd Half-year: The exhibitors are highly satisfied – the visitors happy to be back. The TrendSet Summer 2022 once again offered the industry the platform to meet, discover, order and make contacts. And national and international visitors and exhibitors took the opportunity. For three days from 9th to 11th July 2022, the exhibitors showed their new collections and the trade ordered. Manufacturers and brands were able to record high order numbers, even if order behavior was a little more restrained in some areas. While Christmas goods were consistently well ordered, orders were made more carefully from some other collections. On the one hand, this was due to the partly still well-filled warehouses of the traders. And on the other hand, the current economic situation raises many uncertainties as to what the sales situation will look like next autumn/winter and spring.


But even if the challenges of our time could not remain completely outside the exhibition gates, visitors and exhibitors celebrated their trade fair stay with a lot of good mood and motivation. A trade visitor put it this way in the conversation: “Yes, it’s not easy at the moment, for none of us. We have had hard months. Nobody knows what’s to come. But we should be ready and do what we can to keep going. And for this we need new goods. You just have to look closely at what’s going on. It’s good to be able to be back here at TrendSet, without any restrictions. Meet people, see new goods. That lifts my mood immensely. That feels like the future.”


Good mood and business at TrendSet Summer 2022


The exhibitors of the TrendSet summer 2022 were very satisfied with the knife course and result. The trade visitors came in large numbers and in an order mood. As always, the contacts were of high quality at the Munich location and the opportunity to discover, experience and order new goods directly on site was intensively perceived. Once again, it turned out that nothing adequately replaces the live experience of a trade fair with personal contact. The feedback from our exhibitors and trade visitors on the TrendSet Summer 2022 is very positive. To be able to see, meet, speak, touch and experience the new goods is simply incredibly important. This cannot be replaced. In addition to the new trends in design and products, this time we have also identified a trend in ordering: quality over quantity. High-quality goods are in even more demand. The economic situation and the tense supply chains mean that manufacturers who produce in Germany and Europe and are therefore more independent of imports currently have clear advantages. For me, the question arises as to whether this will also create new areas in the near future. For example, the range of refurbished products could also find its way into the interiors & lifestyle sector. High-quality interiors and accessories that refurbished enable a second life and thus further sale, as is already common in the electronics or technical sector. This would also contribute to the ongoing trend towards more sustainability. We are very happy and satisfied about the course of the fair and thank all exhibitors and trade visitors for their coming and the great cohesion in these times,” Tatjana Pannier, Managing Director of TrendSet, summarizes the success of TrendSet Summer 2022.


New exhibitors and a lot of inspiration


Around 21,000 trade visitors from 42 nations came from the 9th to the 11th. July 2022 on the TrendSet summer 2022 to Munich to be inspired for the new season and to refill the warehouses for autumn/winter and Christmas. Around 21% came from abroad. Despite, or due to the difficult situation in the markets with uncertain supply chains and rising inflation, trade visitors from retail, wholesale, online trade, the hotel industry and gastronomy once again took the opportunity to prepare early for the coming season and stock up sufficiently with new goods. Many exhibitors even had preview items for spring/summer 2023 with them, which could be pre-ordered at the fair. There were more exhibitors than usual in the areas of Kids & Toys as well as Office. Since the trade fairs did not take place in these areas, the manufacturers and brands used the TrendSet summer 2022 to present their toys, kids accessories, school supplies and office utensils.


News from the TrendSet Topic Areas


TrendSet Newcomer once again presented many new, exciting and innovative companies and brands. The interest was great and the exhibitors took the opportunity to introduce themselves to the industry. Especially in the current difficult economic situation, building and establishing a new brand is a real challenge. Accordingly, trade fairs, especially if they are advertised in advance, are a good way to make contacts. For smaller companies and brands, especially locals and manufacturers, the Newcomer Area, as a TrendSet-sponsored offer, is an ideal platform to present yourself to potential customers in the industry. Artists from painting, sculpture, photography and graphics showed contemporary art at fair prices at the TrendSet Fine Arts topic area. More than one trade visitor seized the opportunity to get in touch with art and artists. The TrendSet Bijoutex offered a lot of new fashion, fashion jewelry and accessories and was, as always, well attended.



Beauty from nature: The trends in autumn/winter 2022.23


Decorative conjures up a certain magic in the room in autumn/winter 2022.23. Autumn plant motifs such as pumpkins and mushrooms bring the natural mood into the home. Modernly designed witches, vintage Nikoläuse and folkloric forest animals create a fairytale atmosphere. Furniture and home accessories are often shown in a cozy cottage style. Ritual symbols provide a touch of seasonal mysticism. The designs are primarily aimed at spreading well-being, nature, clarity and tranquility. Design for the senses. Nature is integrated into the home through organic shapes, natural materials and designs modeled on nature.


Festive things from nature: The trends for Christmas 2022


Traditional Christmas motifs are mixed stylistically and often interpreted in a modern way. Handmade looks give the Christmas decoration a cozy attitude. Whimsical snowmen and colorfully patterned reindeer romp under the Christmas tree as well as fairytalely interpreted forest animals. Natural decorative motifs such as medlars, acorns, pine cones, berries and mushrooms blur the boundaries from outside to inside and bring winter nature into the Christmas room. Antique-looking decorative elements made of classic Christmas subjects and cross- spiritual motifs look glamorous festive with a lot of gold and glitter.



Exhibitor voices from TrendSet Summer 2022:


We are not only very satisfied with the TrendSet summer 2022, but also super happy to be here. With orders and sales, we are even above the level of before Corona. Customers are happy that it is fair and that they can see and order new goods. Despite everything that is going on in the world right now. Because Christmas is definitely coming and this requires new stocks in the shops. The fair is very busy and there will be larger groups again. It feels normal again. We already made an increased average plus on the second day of the fair. The TrendSet Summer 2022 is a good order start for the 2nd. Half-year. We are relieved.

Lars Adler (Managing Director, HOFF Interior)


There is a lot going on at TrendSet Summer 2022. We have extremely good things to do. There is a mega mood. The customers are happy to be there, the new goods are well ordered.

Michael Rossmann (Managing Director, Pad Home Design Concept)


The TrendSet summer 2022 is running very well. We have many new customers and we generally have a large influx at the booth. The customers are satisfied. Trade visitors come to order. We do not notice any restraint to buy. Our collection is well received. It really feels almost normal again here on the TrendSet. To be sociable, to meet the industry, to make contacts. This brings a good and optimistic mood. It goes on! This is also confirmed in our great sales here. We have small-scale products with minimal price increase and we produce 90% in Europe. This is currently very beneficial in sales.

Josef Post (Managing Director, Ambiente Europe)


The first day of the fair, Saturday, was already a good day. It was packed at our stand. The customers are in a good mood, very interested in the new goods and happy to be back here. Like all of us.

Darwin Molenaar (Internal Account Manager Large Accounts, Light & Living)


The TrendSet summer 2022 is running very well. We are happy. We already saw on the first day of the fair: It will be good. We have generated very high order values here. The TrendSet is a round thing.

Arnold Maier (Managing Director, AM-Design)


The course of the fair is very good. The start of the fair on Saturday was ok, on Sunday it got much fuller. The trade visitors are interested and friendly. Munich simply has a good clientele here on the TrendSet. The trade fair organization is also good. We are satisfied.

Ute Vosteen (Managing Director, VOSTEEN)


It’s going quite well for us here on the TrendSet. We don’t have so many visitors at the stand, but they are all the more qualitative and order-friendly. Quality over quantity. On the first day of the fair, we had achieved last year’s sales despite less traffic. Retail has had difficult times, the current situation is not easy and the future uncertain. It is clear that some are careful in their orders. But everyone is happy to be here. So do we. It is so important to be present and to talk to customers personally. We are satisfied with the fair.

Paul Christian Knudsen (Sales Director, Broste Copenhagen)


We are very satisfied. We have less walk-in customers, but very high-quality clientele. Everyone is cheerful and more than ready to order. Our sales here on the TrendSet are good and we have made a decent plus.

Cathrin Paul (Office Manager, RICE)


People come to TrendSet to order. Things are going really well for us here.

Ole Crilles (Owner, Aspegren Denmark)


The TrendSet inspires. Such a range of exhibitors and products. Great that it’s so crowded here at the fair. We are well attended. The mood at the TrendSet Summer 2022 is good. Everyone is super motivated. Trade fair and exhibitors have worked hard to realize this. The offer here is huge.

Peter Kwoka (Managing Director, Kwoka Floristik)


It’s nice to be back here. Visitors come in large numbers and order. We also have many new customers here at the stand. It’s all good!

Claudia Vamdrup (Sales Manager Ib Laursen)


Things are going quite well for us here. It is a little quieter at our stand, but the visitors who come are very eager to buy. The quality of the visitors here in Munich on the TrendSet is great. International audience. Keep it up!

Christian Schmidt (Managing Director, GIFTCOMPANY)


This fair almost feels normal again. People order, but many are also careful. That’s okay. In the current situation, we are all in the same boat. It’s about moving on and getting through. It’s nice to be back here. Meet everyone, talk to customers in person. TrendSet offers us the platform for this. That’s the most important thing.

Daniel Henriksen (Sales & Marketing Director, Hübsch Interior)


We are satisfied. It’s not like it used to be, but maybe it will never be the same again and there is a new normal. Our regular audience is here and visits us. Also many new customers. That’s the be-all and end-all anyway. Contacts will be made at the fair. This is important. Everything feels quite normal again on the TrendSet. Everything is perfect here.

Florian Hofer (Management Florex)


TrendSet has a very international audience. Currently, we also welcome many Dutch people here at our stand. The orders of our brands are good. Trade visitors are very interested.

Saziye Akbaba (Brand Onboarding Management, ankorstore)


Already on the first day of the fair, the influx here was higher than in the previous year. Customers buy well, but sometimes a little more restrained. But the visitors like the orders are at a high level. That’s why everything is fine. Just as we expected. And the trade fair organization of TrendSet is top as always.

Arne Giercke (Head of Field Service, BOLTZE Home Collections)


As always, the TrendSet runs very well. We have a high order situation here. There is a lot of influx at the booth in the morning. Half of our visitors here at the stand are Austrians. Everything feels almost normal again. High-quality is well ordered. People are thinking about in the crisis, quality is valued more again.

Nico Attasio (Managing Director, DECORAMA)


Numbers and sales level are ok. It’s good that you’re there on the TrendSet. The fair is worth making it. Especially in these times and under these circumstances enormously important.

Ferry Mulder (General Manager, Cor Mulder)


We are at TrendSet for the first time and have taken advantage of the offer of the Newcomer Area. We are very satisfied with our participation in the fair. Visitors are very interested in our sustainable unique pieces. A great opportunity to make contacts.

Wolfgang Nähr (Owner, Zauberholz Manufaktur JN) – Topic Area TrendSet Newcomer


The facts of TrendSet Summer 2022


TrendSet – 119. International trade fair for interiors, inspiration and lifestyle

from Saturday, 9. July to Monday, 11. July 2022

at the Messe München exhibition center

in halls A1 to A3 and B1 to B3.


Trade visitors 20,919
Exhibitors and brands 1,831
Share of international brands/collections (exhibitors) More than 50%
Exhibition space/exhibition area 70,000 sqm
Exhibition focal points TrendSet Interiors & Lifestyle Fair Areas

Live & Give

· Furniture and lighting

· Decorations and accessories

· Furnishings & Design Objects

· Home & Textiles

· Fashion and jewellery

· Beauty and wellness

Cook and Eat

· Kitchen and tabletop

· Food and drink

Decorate and create

· Floristry and Garden

· Christmas and seasons

· Gifts and fun

· Spirituals & Souvenirs

Work and play

· Stationery and Papery

· Office and school

· Hobbies and toys

Three TrendSet Topic Areas · TrendSet Newcomer | Start-ups & Locals

· TrendSet Fine Arts | Contemporary Visual Arts

· TrendSet Bijoutex | Accessories

The TrendSet Winter 2023 will take place from the 7th to the 9th. January 2023.
(Date subject to corona subject to reservation)



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