Why do we need fair gold? And how do you find gold that is social, ecological and fair at the same time? Desirée Binternagel, Supply Chain Manager at Leipzig-based company Fairever – Artisanal Gold, answers these questions the day before at MIDORA. Fairever, which specializes in the trade in fair gold from responsible small mining, is exhibiting at the trade fair for the first time.



Fair gold from responsible small mining ©Fairtrade Sean Hawkey



In her lectures on trade fair Saturday and Sunday, 12.30 p.m., Desirée Binternagel gives an overview of the most important seals for fair gold from responsible small mining. It also provides insight into fair-working gold mines in Peru and answers the question of whether recycled gold can be seen as an environmentally friendly alternative to gold mining.


With its activities, Fairever wants to support the 150 million people living from small mining in building a secure existence. This gives them the opportunity to live in an intact society and environment and to develop themselves and their communities sustainably. At the same time, the company gives jewelry professionals from all over the world access to fair, social and ecological gold.


Further dates include the lectures “Amber – the German gemstone” by master goldsmith Hans Jürgen Wiegleb (Saturday 11.30 a.m.) and “Magnetism in small clocks” by Albert Fischer, President of the Central Association for Watches, Jewelry and Timing Technology (Saturday and Sunday 2 p.m.), are on the agenda of the MIDORA specialist program. In addition, Jeanette Fiedler, Managing Director of the DDI Stiftung Deutsche Diamant Institute, gives an update on synthetic diamonds and explains what has happened in the past five years (Sunday, 11:30 a.m.). All lectures will take place in Forum Hall 5/Stand E06. At booth A08 you can also experience the exhibition “Space”, a presentation of the apprentice competition 2022 of the Gold and Silversmiths Guild Berlin.



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