【DE】Focus on the Netherlands at WindEnergy Hamburg: An innovative industry and a wide range of services

The Netherlands has excellent natural conditions for the production of wind energy. And the Dutch government relies heavily on offshore wind farms: In 2050, all the energy consumed in the Netherlands is to come from renewable sources and offshore wind power is the key to the transition to a carbon-free energy supply. Together with Germany, Denmark and Belgium, the Netherlands agreed on the Esbjerg Declaration in May 2022 and decided to install at least 65 gigawatts (GW) of offshore wind energy by 2030. Therefore, the Netherlands also plays an important role for WindEnergy Hamburg: “After Germany and Denmark, Dutch companies with currently 73 registered stands are the third largest group among our exhibitors. More than 30 of the exhibitors will participate in the Dutch Village of the Netherlands WindEnergy Association (NWEA) in September. This is how we show the wide range of the Dutch wind industry,” says Andreas Arnheim, project manager at WindEnergy Hamburg.



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Netherlands Wind Energy Association

Danielle Veldman, organizer of the Dutch participation in WindEnergy Hamburg, said on behalf of the Netherlands Wind Energy Association (NWEA): “This first year after the pandemic is promising in several respects for the expansion of Dutch wind energy. Hamburg offers the best professional wind industry platform in Europe. Here, many Dutch exhibitors can imagine and network with their offers and consolidate their position in the globalized windbreaker.” Since the inauguration of the fourth Rutte government at the beginning of the year, the expansion target for offshore wind energy has been increased by a further 10GW to a total of 21GW by 2030. The call for applications for the 1.4GW North Sea project Hollandse Kust West, which took place in May of this year, also met with great interest. As the third non-subsidy tender of the Netherlands, it is considered the world’s first tender that expressly defines qualitative criteria beyond costs, in particular environmental compatibility and system integration. In 2021, the total installed wind energy capacity of the Netherlands was about 2.5GW. According to the Dutch Energy Convention for Sustainable Growth (Energy Accord), this value is expected to rise to at least 4.5GW by 2023. At this time, offshore wind energy is expected to cover 3.3 percent of Dutch energy demand.


Meanwhile, new construction and repowering projects on land are progressing steadily, according to Veldman, but they required constant efforts to overcome obstacles such as network congestion, approval procedures and acceptance among the population. Last year, new onshore wind turbines with a total capacity of 1GW were built. This was the highest annual growth achieved so far in the Netherlands. The Netherlands wants to achieve a total onshore capacity of 6GW by 2023.




Industrial cluster


Many Dutch exhibitors are active in the offshore segment. A strong cluster is located in the Rotterdam port area. The range of offers ranges from the construction or Production of monopile and jacket foundations, solutions for the ramming of piles, floating and anchoring systems, lifting ships, dynamic positioning technologies, cranes and cables, and a wide range of consulting services. Other Dutch exhibitors at WindEnergy Hamburg are leading operators of jack-up and other installation ships for offshore wind turbines or offer highly specialized know-how and equipment for pile foundation, cable laying or coke protection.




Pioneer in jack-up technology


GustoMSC is a pioneer in the development of MOUs (Mobile Offshore Units) with integrated lifting systems and cranes. GustoMSC ships have built more than 4000 wind turbines and sockets since 2002. Recently, the Danish offshore wind farm installer Cadeler signed a contract for the construction of his third jack-up ship designed by GustoMSC. It will be the industry’s largest ship of its type and have unique design features that allow a quick conversion from a special ship to build foundations to a wind turbine installation ship. GustoMSC has also developed other innovative technologies in recent years, such as the world’s first telescopic crane for offshore wind turbines or the installation of hybrid battery solutions and sophisticated electrical supply and control systems in hoisting vessels, which reduce CO2 emissions by 20 percent compared to conventional systems. In June, GustoMSC will also launch its latest design for a heavy-duty ENSIS series crane ship.




Power cable solutions


Twentsche Kabelfabriek (TKF) offers cabling solutions and related services that ensure secure, reliable energy and data transmission. At WindEnergy Hamburg, TKF will present important innovations, such as a solution for doubling the voltage transmitted with submarine cables to the future 132kV standard, flexible cables for floating wind turbines or solutions for sustainable and recyclable cables. An environmentally friendly cable design can avoid harmful substances such as bitumen and lead. The outer shell made of HDPE also prevents the release of pollutants into the sensitive underwater environment during the installation, operation and disposal phase. According to the company, these cables are 99 percent recyclable and recyclable in similar applications. Currently, TKF is also trying to replace the polymers made from fossil raw materials with recycled polymers in order to further reduce the hydrocarbon footprint. In addition, TKF recently announced plans to build a production plant in the port area of Eemshaven, which is to go into operation in 2023. The plant will help meet the global demand for submarine cables.




Innovative cranes


KenzFigee specializes in the development and manufacture of cranes and other lifting systems and offers complementary services. The company has so far produced over 4500 cranes, which were specially tailored to the requirements in the maritime sector, the oil and gas industry or the wind industry. At WindEnergy Hamburg, KenzFigee will show the following:


Its brand-independent Next-generation TotalCare plant services, a lifecycle-wide program for preventive maintenance.

A new, modular spire crane type that facilitates repairs on gondola components of onshore and offshore wind turbines from different manufacturers and is to go into series production in 2023. According to KenzFigee, this is the first tower tip crane suitable for replacing larger components on offshore wind turbines. The crane should be able to lift up to 100 tons and be suitable for the new 15MW offshore wind turbine class. Crane operation is possible at wind speeds of up to 12 m/s with gusts up to 18 m/s.

Compact, low-maintenance, electrically operated, modular single-link cranes from KenzFigee with a capacity of up to 300 t, which have already proven themselves in the oil and gas industry.



Consulting and aftermarket services


BLIX Consultancy brings over 13 years of experience from onshore and offshore wind energy projects to WindEnergy Hamburg. The company has foreign representations in Taiwan and Japan that offer technical, market-specific and other consulting services. The consulting competence is based on projects with a total scope of 23GW.


BLIX Managing Director Roeland Steenhuis on his expectations: “We greatly appreciate WindEnergy Hamburg, because most companies in the onshore and offshore wind energy industry are represented here. The fair offers numerous opportunities for networking with customers and addressing young talent, exchanging ideas with suppliers and exploring innovative technologies. This combination is a prerequisite for being at the forefront of the energy transition.”


Spares in Motion B.V. supplies the wind turbine spare parts market with an extensive selection of products. The company’s platform is used by buyers and sellers of spare parts to provide and find special solutions. The motto: “Aftermarket solutions for efficient and economical wind turbine operation.” The Rotterdam-based company offers more than 100,000 products and services for different turbine generations from Ecotecnia, GE, Nordex, Siemens-Gamesa, Senvion, Suzlon and others.

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