【DE】VIVANESS 2022: Change is the price of survival on the (cosmetics) market

VIVANESS, International Trade Fair for Natural Cosmetics, that means not only four days of international diversity, inspiration, trends, newcomers and start-ups. VIVANESS also means four days of technically sound knowledge, networking with experts and forward-looking topics – presented by top-class speakers. Because parallel to the VIVANESS, from the 26th to the 29th July the congress – 2022 once as a summer edition – will take place. From the perspective of neuromarketing, Bert M. Ohnemüller, (co-)founder of the neuromerchandising® group and Heart Leadership Coach, on 28.07.2022, among other things, why trade is always a place of encounter and how the point of sale becomes a point of success. What does the heart have to do with all this? And why only internal sustainability really gives support? VIVANESS asked in advance!


Mr. Ohnemüller, trade is a meeting place. In short, what is necessary for this encounter to become more? How does the point of sale become a point of success?


Trade is and has always been the encounter of people and not just the offering of goods. And the big challenge is how do I turn encounters into relationships. The point of sale only becomes a point of success in the successful connection with the point of people. If you want to make your business fly, you just need both wings.


In my view, the tragedy is that we completely overestimate the room and appreciate the people in the room (the employees) far too little. No customer feels comfortable in a room where employees do not feel comfortable.


Success follows something else – what?

Success is always a consequence, as the term tells us. Success is always a consequence or the result of correct action. The intention determines the result, this is about authenticity, honesty and relevance.


In trade, success means decision – purchase decision.

How do I reach customers? Also emotional?

How can findings from neuroscience help with this?


In my view, it is primarily about winning customer hearts and if we succeed, loyalty is a consequence of it. People need belonging, when we feel belonging, our body rewards us with the release of a happiness hormone, in this case serotonin. I like to call this the loyalty of biology. Furthermore, we can only decide if the corresponding positive emotion is involved. And here the most important principle of neuromerchandising® applies: “Everything that is not emotional is worthless to the brain!”


We should ask ourselves over and over again whether what we do has an emotional power, if not we should leave it alone. This is my suggestion as to how we can save a lot of money.


Only those who understand how we think, feel and act can exploit their full potential. And this is exactly where neuroscience and evolutionary biology provide us with very valuable approaches and solutions.


In your opinion, what role does the heart play in this?

“Everything that should touch hearts must come from the heart” – Johann Wolfgang von Goethe put it this way or similar many years ago. I believe that we are often far too intellectual in business and have simply forgotten the basics of successful communication. We have to get out of our heads and fully into the heart.


You can intuitively feel whether the message is authentic and honest. And by the way, there are wonderful scientific findings as to why heart rate variability is the most important bio-signal. I would like to talk more about this. We must not forget that people do not remember so much what they are told, but always of the feeling they are given. So our claim should be to refine every encounter with a good feeling.


Customer Centricity or Employer Centricity? You say that the second is not only decisive in retail? Because the customer only feels comfortable when the employee feels comfortable?


In my opinion, the principle of success of today and tomorrow is “EX”, the employee and the employer experience. In my opinion, business or business always has to do with people and the quality of my business depends very much on the quality of my relationships. This applies to my team, to my customers and to the person I meet in the mirror. I therefore like to compare good guidance with the image of the good gardener. How can I grow the plants in my garden? Or in other words, if you take care of your employees, they can take care of your customers. Happy employees make happy customers and they make happy bosses.


From positive psychology, we know that joy is a very important prerequisite for success. The brain researchers call it fun makes the brain run.


They say “Change is the price of survival” in the cosmetics market. What special features do you see especially when it comes to beauty and cosmetics?


Since Charles Darwin, we have been talking about “Survival of the fittest” – I believe that there has often been a misleading interpretation here. It is not about physical and/or mental fitness, but rather about the ability to adapt, i.e. dealing with change. In my view, most crises are therefore essentially something positive: invitations to change – finding better ways and taking them. I believe that one or the other pioneer of natural cosmetics feels harassed by the “big ones” and the “smart boys.” And perhaps this perception is just an invitation to reinvent yourself without forgetting the authenticity of forgetting one’s own story. I would like these pioneers in particular to focus more on their uniqueness and formulate an irresistible story from it, which everyone likes to tell. This story must literally get under your skin.


Sustainability is a megatrend – why does only internal sustainability really support?


For me, inner support is the support that holds us humans when everything else no longer holds. By this I mean our roots, our values, our culture, our heart. This attitude gives rise to confidence and (self)trust and the conviction that we always find a better way, even if we do not (yet) see it. Everything always starts from the inside out – so if we want to harvest good fruits, we should take care of the roots. Then professional and personal success will happen by itself.


Thanks for the conversation!


Already the appointment with Bert M. Ohnemüller Save in the VIVANESS Congress: 28.7.2022 // 11:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.: Change is the price of survival on the (cosmetics) market. News from the world of Neuromerchandising®

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