American Equestrian Trade Association's International Trade Show

The AETA International Trade Show, from the American Equestrian Trade Association (AETA), is the premier global event showcasing equestrian industry products from leading manufacturers. Taking place two times a year alongside the International Western & English Apparel & Equipment Markets, from the Western & English Sales Association (WESA), these shows create the world’s largest marketplace of equestrian, western and rural lifestyle brands conveniently located under one roof.

The American Equestrian Trade Association’s mission is to unite and advance the community of equine trade businesses by delivering education, trade shows and services designed to sustain, support and grow a strong equestrian industry marketplace.

For several years leading up to 2006, the world of equestrian manufactures and retailers seemed to be populated by different groups…all or most going in their own directions with little to no cohesion. There were many strong opinions, but very little consensus.

In 2006, several leaders of the equestrian industry joined together and decided to unite this disparate equine business. These visionaries put in their time, money and effort and started to bring about the vision of a trade association to reality. Concepts such as communication, camaraderie, exchanging ideas and information as well as the pooling of resources came into play.

A year later in 2007, the fledgling non-profit American Equestrian Trade Association was up and running with all the right paperwork and people in place. Many of the same tireless and forward-looking individuals who were there in the beginning encouraged others to participate in AETA as well. Without the efforts of these pioneers, AETA would have never gotten off of the ground.

AETA has served to unite the industry and support connections between equestrian manufacturers and retail buyers with semi-annual trade shows. Even as a young association, AETA continues to steadily grow its membership. The American Equestrian Trade Association welcomes new members. With the support of our founders and the exciting input of our new members, AETA looks forward to a strong future.

Industry sector: Sports & Fitness (industry 74)
Main product group: Horse Cars, Riding Equipment, Equestrian Sports
Access: Trade visitors


Interval: annually


American Equestrian Trade Association