The artistry of booth design is manifested in several aspects

The artistry of booth design can better show the corporate style of exhibitors. The artistry of booth design is mainly reflected in the following aspects:

1) The design of the booth should be attractive: the booth is attractive, pleasing to the eye, giving people a good feeling and leaving a deep impression. Booth design has many factors, and it is necessary to use artistic techniques to combine these factors so that it can produce the best visual effects and good psychological effects are the basic requirements of booth design.


2) The design of the booth reflects the image of the company and conveys the intention of the exhibitors: if the exhibitor is a large company, it cannot be designed as a vendor image; if the exhibitor wants to show its dominance in the aviation field, it cannot be designed The feeling of becoming a model airplane toy factory. Designers need to use concrete means to express abstract exhibition ideas.


3) The design of the booth can attract the attention of visitors and arouse their interest in visiting: Studies have shown that in a competitive and colorful environment, the first sight of the booth is the most important for the audience. This glance decided whether the booth attracted the audience or lost the potential customer. Therefore, the booth should be eye-catching and interesting. The first function of the booth is to attract the attention of visitors and generate interest; the second function is to attract visitors to walk through the stage and watch the exhibits carefully. Design work must be artistic, but attention should be paid to avoid flashy.


4) The design of the booth should consider the principle of functionality. When designing the external form and image, the designer also needs to consider the internal function, that is, to provide a good environment and conditions for the booth personnel and booth work. Because the realization of the exhibition purpose ultimately depends on the booth personnel, the work efficiency of the booth personnel ultimately determines the exhibition effect. In a comfortable and fully functional environment, booth staff can work more effectively. External booths must not only exhibit products, but also attract customers, but also help booth staff to promote sales, publicity, research, communicate with audiences, and negotiate with customers. All these tasks must have corresponding space, location, and equipment, and designers need to make reasonable arrangements according to needs and conditions. Corresponding functional areas including inquiry area, exhibition area, reception area, negotiation area, storage area, etc. should be considered accordingly.

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