Exhibitors should consider how to get the best effect of the booth?

Participating in exhibition construction services is one of the most important marketing methods for companies, and it is also the first choice for companies to explore new markets. At the same time, the most important manufacturers and buyers in an industry gather at the same place, which is an opportunity that cannot be found elsewhere. Through the exhibition, people can quickly and comprehensively understand the market situation. It is through the exhibition channel that many industrial and commercial enterprises try to sell new products and launch new brands to domestic and foreign customers. At the same time, through contact with buyers from all over the world, they understand who the real customers are and what the development trend of the industry is. In order to market products and occupy the market. So, how do exhibitors get the best results? Exhibitors should consider how to get the best effect of the booth

  1. Select display: Only select the right ones.

International and domestic exhibition construction services can be said to be gradually chaotic and charming. There are comprehensive and professional, the company should combine its own reality to participate in the exhibition. In some large international exhibitions, the participation fee of tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of dollars has discouraged weaker exhibitors. However, other relatively weakly-known exhibitions cannot attract too many people to patronize, and they have little effect. Taking both into account, it is generally better for us to participate in professional exhibitions. Customers are relatively concentrated and professional, and the cost is not too high.

  1. Preparation before the exhibition: careful planning.

Choice of exhibition arrangement. The purpose of the exhibition is to show their products in front of customers, attract customers, and conclude deals. The choice of booths in the exhibition construction service industry is also very important. The double-sided booth at the corner is more attractive to the audience than the single-sided booth, and the cost is not too high. It is very important to choose a booth with a lot of people, and the effect of remote booths is greatly reduced. The general exhibitor will issue an invitation letter in advance and provide a booth plan, so that you can reserve a booth in advance to get a better booth.

  1. Booth design: attract attention.

The booth is the facade, and the design of the booth must be eye-catching and attract the attention of the audience. The most important point is professionalism. It is best to invite a professional exhibition construction service company to design and decorate, but exhibitors’ personnel should be involved because they know their industry and products better. The colors of the booth should be coordinated as a whole, without being too fancy. A large and strong promotional advertising spray painting is posted above the booth, and it is equipped with lighting effects so that customers can see it from a long distance.

  1. Booth presentation: exquisite design.

You need to place the company’s flagship product where the customer can see it at first glance, and adjust the position of the sample in time according to the customer’s attention to the sample. Sometimes your competitive product is not what the customer needs, so it should be based on the customer’s needs Make adjustments. The design of the samples must be exquisite, because there are many customers on the booth, and many of them first collect samples and go back to study slowly. The sample is a relatively intuitive propaganda material. When designing the sample, the model of the sample of large foreign companies can be used for reference, which conforms to the internationally popular style.

  1. Personnel training: a voice.

Exhibitors should be trained before the exhibition, and external publicity should be unified, and possible accidents should be simulated in advance. For example, the company’s annual sales, number of employees, and product quotations must be unified. Sales personnel are the main personnel, but technical personnel should be equipped to cope with accidents that may occur in the demonstration, or it is more appropriate for technical personnel to solve some very professional problems. Participants are dressed in uniform and equipped with a company logo badge.

The cost for enterprises to explore the market through exhibitions can be reduced by more than 40% compared with other traditional forms, and at the same time, the promotion time is greatly shortened. Therefore, the benefits of exhibiting to enterprises are unlimited, and it can get the best effect of the booth.

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