How does the special booth design bring visual impact to customers?

The special decoration design of the exhibition is designed to allow customers to see a unique booth in the vast booth. People are visually aesthetic. The booth design and construction must attract the attention of the audience and customers, and the decoration plan requires people to have a visual impact Therefore, the booth design and construction can attract customers’ attention, and at the same time generate interest to learn about the company’s brand and products in the progress. For this reason, we will consider the design from various factors.

1、Use colors or other components to attract customers’ vision

2、The layered construction effect can be more prominent and eye-catching, and the three-dimensional visual effect can deepen the customer’s image of the company. Therefore, the layered sense of exhibition booth design can more intuitively display the highlights of the booth.

3、The lighting built for the exhibition can highlight the visual impact of the booth. In the exhibition booth design, the brightness, refraction, and dynamic design methods of the lighting can make the booth have a different artistic vision.

In short, to create this kind of visual impact, it is not only necessary to have a sense of graphic hierarchy in the composition. The layering between graphics and elements is a more direct and effective way to highlight the theme that you want to embody while disturbing your vision. Secondly, color can be used to guide the vision of visitors, so that visitors can watch or think about the work as the color elements deepen. You can also use the difference of light and shade to set off the question. Furthermore, it is based on the scale of the thing itself, through different proportions to pursue a visual balance relationship, and then put out its own visual focus.

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