Creative booth design

Booth design creative thinking not only runs through the entire booth design process, but also has multiple characteristics. Different from the design of other fields, due to the rich content involved in the design of the booth, the involved fields are extensive, the functions are complex, and there are many modeling elements that can be used. Therefore, the creative thinking of the booth design is multifaceted and diversified. Generally speaking, Lenovo can be divided into close association, similar association, contrast association and causal association.The diversity of design thinking in special booth construction.

  1. Imagination: It means that people can create a new image based on the original perceptual image through psychological activities. Imagination includes creative imagination, reconstructed imagination, unintentional imagination and intentional imagination.
  2. Deconstruction: The ideas obtained by association and imagination will eventually convey a complete concept in a concrete visual image. This transformation between meaning and form is the search, collection, and arrangement of image materials, as well as the expression of creativity, and it is decomposed and reconstructed. This is deconstruction.
  3. Isomorphism: To integrate different image materials into a new image, there must be a prerequisite. This is that they should have commonality suitable for integration. For this commonality, we call it isomorphism. Isomorphism is divided into symbiosis and isomorphism, different shape and isomorphism, replacement isomorphism, difference and isomorphism, etc.
  4. Reference: refers to innovating based on the useful experience of the predecessors and combining one’s own reality. Those who are new to the field of creative design can avoid detours by learning from and operating from imitation. We can neither give up borrowing because borrowing is a relatively low-level creative thinking method, nor should we be constrained by the borrowed experience to form a creative dogma and rigidity. Reference can be divided into positive reference and reverse reference. Positive reference is to obtain creative inspiration from positive successful experiences and continue in accordance with the creative thinking of the predecessors. For example, the design works of predecessors can trigger extended thoughts and make creative improvements. Reverse borrowing is to learn from the failures of the predecessors or think backward from the successful experience and results of the predecessors, get rid of the same design thinking as the predecessors, and strive to achieve different creative results. The process of booth design includes many links, and each link needs to have a continuous creative connection, which forms the vertical penetration of the creative thinking of booth design. Shown are the booth design and on-site construction effects.
  5. Booth design procedures. The procedures and steps of booth design are a gradual and interrelated process. Any exhibition activity must have an overall display design and implement the plan and purpose of the booth design in accordance with certain booth design procedures and steps. The procedures and steps of booth design are a gradual and interrelated process. There may be repeated cycles during the booth design procedure and process, but the ultimate goal is to obtain the best display effect.

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