Do you know the skills of exhibition hall design?

How to exhibition hall design?

whether the exhibition hall can attract merchants or customers to watch it depends on the design and decoration of the exhibition hall. An excellent exhibition hall design should have a strong visual appeal to attract the audience to the exhibition hall. The first thing to determine before decoration is the decoration style of the exhibition hall. Next, let us understand the design and decoration style of the exhibition hall.

Virtual sci-fi style

In the exhibition hall, some exhibits are often displayed using multimedia instead of directly displaying actual objects. This style of creative design makes full use of new materials, new media, and new technologies, which can fully preserve and display the stand. The unique shape of the exhibition can bring the novelty and mystery of the exhibition to the audience. When they visit the exhibition. There is a strong contrast between the “virtual” vision of the props and the “real” vision of the exhibits. This makes the “virtual” and “real” visuals appear alternately, and people are guided by fashion trends.

Metal style

In other words, it mainly adopts the metal structure frame of international standard devices, standardized and standardized light aluminum alloy display frame and composite board combined display layout. This is a typical general style of international modernism, which can often be seen in small exhibition designs. It has the advantages of being expandable, detachable, convenient for storage and transportation. Commonly used display racks include K8 series, three-way plug-in and ball joint display rack systems. It is usually operated and cooperated by the exhibition company in the form of lease. The disadvantage is that the form is single and the shape is simple. The exhibition hall does not have a unique visual personality.

Unified style

Exhibitors regard their own image as the theme style. It is used for the display design of all international and regional exhibition activities in which it participates. Some large brand companies have their own standardized graphics, corporate images, fonts and colors. When they participate in a series of exhibitions at home and abroad, they all require the display designers to design within the framework of their corporate cultural image exhibition hall to show the company’s unique personality. This unified image style display design can enhance the audience’s visual memory of the corporate cultural image.

Back to natural style

The concept of advocating nature and returning to nature will be incorporated into the creativity of the display design. Make the booth space full of a rich environment of harmony between man and nature. This kind of exhibition hall design, which is usually used for tourism, is mainly based on simulated reality scenes. It feels like being in a fairyland. This will bring the audience closer and deepen their impression of the exhibition hall. Driven by the current social values ​​that advocate the concept of green and environmental protection, more and more designs show a creative style that returns to natural design.

The above is some knowledge about exhibition hall design, I hope these contents can provide some help when you carry out exhibition hall design.

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