How can exhibitors use the exhibition to better promote themselves?

How can exhibitors use the exhibition to better promote themselves? These four points need special attention!

  1. Booth selection

Booth selection involves the location and area of ​​the booth, which is generally considered based on the direction of crowd movement throughout the venue. The booth area is usually 9 square meters and is called a standard booth. Companies that do special decoration booths can only reserve the surface area, and other decorations can be determined by the company based on the characteristics of the company’s products, market positioning, and activities during the exhibition. This kind of booth can fully express the corporate culture and promote the brand concept, which is very conducive to establishing the overall image of the company.

  1. Exhibit’s selection

To choose exhibits that can reflect the advantages of their products, the quality of the exhibits is an important factor for exhibitors to leave an impression on the audience. There are three principles for selecting exhibits, namely, pertinence, representativeness, and uniqueness. Pertinence means that the exhibits must meet the purpose, policy, nature and content of the exhibition; representativeness means that the exhibits must reflect the technical level, production capacity and industry characteristics of the enterprise; uniqueness means that the exhibits must have their own unique features and capabilities. Different from other similar products.

  1. Display method

In most cases, the exhibits themselves cannot explain all the conditions and features of the company’s products. Generally, they need to be accompanied by real-life objects such as diagrams, materials, photos, models, props, models or explainers, with the help of decoration, cloth shadows, lighting, audiovisual Equipment and other display means, to explain, emphasize and render.

  1. Staffing

The quality of staffing determines the success or failure of exhibitors in the exhibition. The ability and display of staffing by companies reflects the status of the company in the industry. In particular, the affinity of the body language, dialogue and knowledge of the service personnel is extremely important to the success of the exhibition. The service personnel should communicate with the audience as much as possible to achieve an interactive effect when distributing materials.

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