What are the precautions for the layout of the exhibition?

The exhibition time is short, and the on-site environment is noisy and crowded. What are the precautions for the layout of the exhibition? To get the best results, you should pay attention to the following matters:

(1) On-site arrangement. For companies with relatively small booths and many exhibitors, the space for negotiating with visitors at the exhibition site will be narrow and crowded, making it difficult to achieve smooth transactions. It is necessary to rent conferences in hotels and hotels around the exhibition hall. This can not only create a more relaxed environment, but also make use of the closing time such as night to contact dealers more extensively and more deeply.

(2) Unified response. The principle of the negotiation is that all people should have a unified approach, and there should be no mistakes of inconsistent investment policies, otherwise it will cause dissatisfaction from customers. This requires prior communication, in-depth exchanges on investment policies that have caused misunderstandings, what kind of rhetoric should be used for a specific problem, and how to deal with different dealers, all of which require detailed and clear plans.

(3) Reasonable distribution. According to the ability and experience of the exhibitors, assign work tasks, business negotiations, external liaison, logistics support, exhibition information collection, etc., everything should be specific to the individual, with a clear priority, so that the division of labor and cooperation in actual combat can complement each other.

(4) Image etiquette. Any exhibitor is to face customers on behalf of the company, and personal behavior is not a trivial matter for the corporate brand. To be a marketer is to be a human being. No matter how strong the dealer is, if the quality is too poor, he cannot be developed into an agent; similarly, a good dealer will also look into the company in this way. The quality of employees reflects the corporate culture, and company dealers with poor corporate culture will stay away. Therefore, all exhibitors should pay attention to their own image and be neither humble nor overbearing in the face of customers. In terms of clothing, it is best to wear corporate business attire uniformly.

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