Why does the booth design the basis for the success of the exhibition?

Why does the booth design the basis for the success of the exhibition? Booth design is the foundation for a company to succeed in the exhibition. Before designing a booth plan, you must make all-round preparations and think about the core elements, which is a blockbuster for the company in the exhibition.

Good booth design can add icing to the exhibits, bring better sensory enjoyment to consumers, trigger consumers’ strong desire and appreciation attitude, and ultimately achieve the economic and social benefits that exhibitors hope. Exhibition design is a large expense for customers, but the time and money that marketers spend on the booth is far higher than the value of the booth itself. The design of the exhibition can be open or closed, but as a complete booth at the exhibition, it must be eye-catching and distinctive, leaving a deep impression on the visitors who have been to the booth.

What are the core elements that exhibitors should consider when choosing a booth design plan?

  1. The booth structure design is rigorous, and the selection of decoration materials can save or save, and can be recycled

The pros and cons of exhibition decoration design schemes are generally judged by “perfect function, outstanding image, and unique shape”, but “ingenious structural design, repeated and updated use of the booth” is also an important aspect of exhibition design. Exhibition decoration does not require durability like public decoration and home decoration, nor does it take into account the construction quality problems caused by time and seasonal changes. The goal of the exhibition is to highlight the “effect” under the premise of ensuring safety. In key parts, such as the flow of people, the parts in contact with people, and the towering booths, thickening materials are required to strengthen, and the use of joint venture and domestic materials in the secondary parts can also be said to be “quantity material recruitment.”

At present, in the participation of European and American countries, brand-new circular exhibition equipment is often used to create a new concept of booth design and construction. This greatly saves manpower and can easily turn a very unique design into reality, thereby gaining time and material costs. It also reduces the generation of waste and garbage, improves the relevant safety factors in terms of structural balance and firmness, and helps booth constructors save a lot of trouble. At the same time, the circular component materials are rich and diverse, making the design of the booth more unique and attractive.

  1. Highlight corporate culture and clarify corporate style

Excellent booth design is not only luxurious and eye-catching, but also must have the ability to communicate with the audience. We strive to provide flexible communication space between people and products and between people in the booth to achieve a balance between the functionality of the booth and the display of the exhibits themselves. How to let buyers feel your corporate culture in just 3 to 5 seconds when they pass by your booth, and be interested in and attracted by the information you express depends on the art of design. Corporate culture includes corporate external image and corporate internal philosophy. The purpose of exhibition decoration is to maximize the expression of corporate culture in a limited space through modeling, photoelectric and other means.

Here, the corporate logo provides a wealth of design elements and basis for the booth to reflect corporate culture. The corporate logo is a symbol of a company and a form of corporate brand and culture. Corporate logos are generally composed of “standard graphics”, “standard colors”, The “standard font” consists of three parts. No matter which part of the design, the design must be based on the nature of the company, product functions, business philosophy, and corporate spirit. Only the corporate logo can fully express the basic cultural content of the company. In order to enable customers to identify and understand the company, in the booth design, the reasonable and standardized use of the corporate logo will definitely reflect the spirit and culture of the company that it wants to express to the audience, so that customers can strongly feel what it wants All the expressions can also achieve distinctive booth design effects at the same time.

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