The exhibition stand design tips–color

Whether it is a special exhibition stand or an ordinary exhibition stand design, the exhibition must take the product as the main theme, and then the stand design. For example, a mistake often made in the design process is that the performance of the booth design method is too high, while ignoring the integration of product considerations. The booth gave people a bright feeling, but the product would be strange without a sense of integration. The design of the booth should be combined with the exhibits, not only unique, but also fully reflecting the relevance and tonality of the exhibits.

In addition to considering the display in the design, we must also consider the space design to ensure that there is a certain amount of room for negotiation and sales. In the form of the exhibition, we should use materials, sound, light, color and other decorative products to constantly give the audience a fresh feeling, stimulate their curiosity, make them interested in the booth, and then communicate with the exhibitors. Today, we will introduces you the knowledge of booth design-color.

  1. Colors and exhibits

Color design should consider factors such as exhibition time (season), exhibition location, lighting and lighting distribution, etc., enterprises and exhibits must be considered, and colors should be selected and used according to exhibits. Visitors often associate exhibits with specific colors, two combinations, and the use of related colors to decorate the performance of the booth will give people a “logical” feeling, which is conducive to memory. On the contrary, if there is a serious disconnect between colors and exhibits, it will be difficult for the audience to remember that the two do not match.

  1. Simple color principle

The color design of the booth has the principle of simplicity. Too large color changes can easily cause visual fatigue, but it cannot achieve prominent and eye-catching effects. The above problems can be solved by using standard colors and their approximate colors in corporate logos. In the color selection of general booth design, the color scheme based on two or three basic colors (main colors) can adapt to the simple characteristics of the human eye, while using color relationships to make it diversified.


  1. Main color and color

The application of large-area color blocks should reduce their saturation, that is, the larger the gray scale, the larger the area, the smaller the relative area, the greater the saturation, the better the color perception, and people’s eyes can be found faster. Designers usually set the color phase of the main color, the area is the largest, the saturation is the lowest, followed by the toning, the area is small, the saturation is higher, and the key color is the smallest area and the highest saturation.

Therefore, the dominant colors in the overall structure, adjustment colors, key colors, according to the needs and intentions of designers or customers, we can take various changes, such as light and darkness. Different color combinations have different color perceptions. Many suppliers around the world provide a variety of the latest component materials, and there is enough technical space to meet the needs of booth design and construction. Find a booth builder who has experience in booth design and construction, he will help exhibitors to achieve the purpose of participating in the exhibition.

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