What do you need to know about booth construction?

What do you need to know about booth construction? In today’s increasingly informatized environment, a good publicity and promotion platform plays a very important role in promoting products, enhancing the company’s reputation, and becoming bigger and stronger. Participating in various expositions is favored by many companies. But an expo is attended by thousands of companies and has various booth effects. How can it stand out?

  1. Exhibitors must have their own “theme”

The “theme” includes the slogan, color and style orientation of the booth, which can let the booth effect designer better understand the style concept of the company’s participation and enhance the soul of the booth. It can also effectively unify the booth and print publicity, reflecting the company’s rigorous and dedicated attitude. Make the company’s products and services more convincing to the audience.

  1. Reasonable arrangement of exhibited products

The products of the exhibitors should not be too many and messy. In a limited booth area, the number of products must be controlled, communicate clearly with the booth designer, and place and promote the products reasonably, so that all aspects of the booth are orderly, giving people a more rigorous and comfortable environment.

  1. Use of materials for booth construction

A stand-out booth, in addition to the creativity and color matching of the overall shape, the use of materials is also very particular (for example: a booth with a floor is more attractive than a carpeted booth), it must be in line with the booth the construction staff communicated clearly and selected some regular materials for the exhibition.

  1. Correct selection of exhibition design and construction companies

If you are looking for an exhibition design company to design and build a booth, the first thing to consider is whether the company’s design ability can achieve the effect you need, second, the exhibition company’s construction service ability, and finally whether the after-sales service can keep up.

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