Process of enterprises participating in the exhibition

Process of enterprises participating in the exhibition

  1. Once an enterprise decides to participate in the exhibition, it should contact the organizer of the exhibition as soon as possible to obtain the “Exhibitor Guide”. The guide should include exhibition introduction materials, participation application forms, participation fees, related services, exhibition hall booth maps, and exhibitor manuals Wait. Companies fill in the participation form carefully and pay related fees.
  2. After the organizer of the exhibition receives the booth fee from the company, it will issue a confirmation letter to confirm the company’s participation. After receiving the booth confirmation letter from the organizer, the company should immediately proceed with booth decoration and preparation of exhibition materials.
  3. The location of the booth shall be planned by the organizer in a comprehensive manner. The location of the booth shall be arranged according to the content of products and services, industry, region and other factors, or the booth fee shall be used to distinguish the good from bad. The organizer provides which positions are marked on the booth map to choose from. Generally, the sooner the participation application form is submitted to the organizer, the easier it is to get a good position.
  4. Make a budget before participating in the exhibition. Participation fees include booth fees, booth decoration fees, exhibit transportation fees, air tickets and train long-distance fares, city transportation, boarding and lodging, equipment rental fees, advertising fees, materials design and printing Fees etc.
  5. Booth specifications are usually divided into standard booths, special booths, and specially decorated booths. The general standard booth is a 3m*3m standard booth. The organizer of the conference is responsible for the construction of the standard booth and provides the basic facilities required for the display, including three exhibition walls, two spotlights fixed on the exhibition wall, and one exhibition table (long 1 meter, width 50 cm, height 80 cm), two chairs, carpet, one 200V5A three-point power socket, and the engraved brow board text is the name of the company. If the exhibition needs a lot of electricity, water, natural gas, etc., it must be stated and emphasized in the participation application form.
  6. Exhibit information transportation, the organizer of the exhibition will provide the name and receiving address of the person in charge of the transportation of the exhibits in the exhibition rules. You can click here to ship the exhibits to the exhibition location in advance. Another convenient way is to entrust a transportation agent, which provides door-to-booth-to-door service,
  7. Set up the exhibition. Find the organizer on the spot to get the pass. The exhibition can be set up before the start of the exhibition.
  8. Dismantling. On the last day of the conference, the dismantling of the exhibition can begin after the audience is cleared. The products can be transported by themselves or delivered to logistics companies. The cleaning service conference provides free access to visitors and other public venues for cleaning and sanitation, but the cleaning of the booth is usually the responsibility of the exhibitor.
  9. Contact after the meeting. During the exhibition, visitors only have a superficial understanding of the company, and the real business often comes after the meeting. Although the exhibition is over, business has just begun. So, participating in the exhibition, remember two points: First, the user interview records during the exhibition, which is the company’s first wealth; second, the post-meeting data sorting and user tracking and contact.

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