What should companies prepare to participate in a certain exhibition?

Once you have decided to participate in a certain exhibition, you must immediately start active preparations. The exhibition is a systematic project, with a multitude of things that need to be considered. How can we reasonably use manpower, financial resources and energy? Someone surveyed the visitors at the exhibition and found that there are six main factors that affect their memory. The proportions are as follows: 39% of the exhibits are attractive; 25% of the operation demonstration; 14% of the booth design; 10% of the performance of the booth personnel; Data 8%; Exhibitor’s reputation 4%. It is recommended that exhibitors start with these aspects.

1. Exhibit selection. Exhibits are the most important factor for exhibitors to impress visitors. Among the memory factors of visitors, “attractive exhibits” accounted for 39% and should be considered. There are three principles for selecting exhibits, namely, pertinence, representativeness and uniqueness. Pertinence means that the exhibits must conform to the purpose, policy, nature, and content of the exhibit; representativeness means that the exhibits must reflect the technical level, production capacity and industry characteristics of the exhibitor; uniqueness means that the exhibits must have their own uniqueness to distinguish it from other similar products.

2. display method. In most cases, the exhibit itself cannot explain all the conditions and display all the characteristics. It needs to adapt to real objects such as charts, materials, photos, models, props, models or explainers, and use decoration, setting, lighting, audio-visual equipment and other means to explain, Emphasis and rendering. If the exhibits are machinery or instruments, consider arranging on-site demonstrations, or even let visitors do their own hands; if it is food and beverage, consider allowing visitors to taste on-site, and prepare small packages for free distribution; if it is clothing or backpacks, use models, or arrange a special performance. These are all to arouse the interest of visitors and increase their desire to buy.

3.Booth design. The superficial task of booth design is to look good, but the fundamental task is to help exhibitors achieve the purpose of the exhibition. The booth must reflect the image of the exhibitors, attract the attention of visitors, and provide a functional environment for work. Therefore, while paying attention to visual impact, the booth design should also pay attention to the following points: The exhibition is not a design competition, and the booth design must be coordinated with the overall trade atmosphere; the booth design is to set off the exhibits, not overwhelming, and the booth design must be considered The public image of exhibitors should not be too unconventional; at the same time, the basic functions of the booth such as display, meeting, consultation, and rest should not be neglected when designing the booth.

4. Staffing. People are the first element of exhibition work and the key to the success of the exhibition. The staffing of the booth can be considered from four aspects: first, according to the nature of the exhibition, select appropriate types of personnel or related departments; second, determine the number of personnel according to the workload; third, pay attention to the basic qualities of the personnel, such as appearance, Voice, character, consciousness, initiative, etc.; fourth, strengthen on-site training, such as professional knowledge, product performance, demonstration methods, etc. Booth personnel should combine the characteristics of the exhibited products and respond flexibly: if mass consumer products should focus on establishing a brand image and forming affinity among consumers; if they are new products, they must vigorously promote their differences; if the products are original, then Should emphasize its technological breakthrough.

5.Customer invitation. If there are customers at the exhibition, of course they cannot ask for it, and sometimes it is inevitable that the door will be left out. This requires exhibitors not only passively wait for customers to arrive, but also consciously invite customers to come. It can invite and attract customers by means of direct mail, door-to-door visits, advertising through the media, on-site publicity, and distribution of materials. In short, we must plan ahead and put the work ahead.

So, the companies should do this  prepare to participate in a certain exhibition.

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