Common problems of exhibitors during exhibition

Common problems of exhibitors during exhibition

Friends who have participated in the exhibition should have experience. When summarizing after each meeting, they will find many problems. These details will be ignored if they are not careful. So, what common problems of exhibitors during exhibition are easy to be ignored, but they will bring a lot of trouble? Let’s summarize and see if you have encountered these problems in the process of booth design and construction.

1、 The purpose of the exhibition is not clear

This problem will occur in some exhibitors. If the purpose is not clear in the early stage, there will be a lot of repeated communication and rework in the booth design process, which will lead to unsatisfactory exhibition results, etc.

So, we suggested: we must first clarify the purpose of the exhibition, to speed up the completion of other processes and save more time and energy.

2、 Ignore Exhibitor Manual

The manual provides exhibitors with exhibition guidelines and cost saving operations and contains all the information of the exhibition. If ignored, it will delay the transportation of exhibits in the later stage

So, we suggested: pay attention to the exhibitor manual, so that you can know the important time nodes, to arrange all matters in advance and make all things move forward in an orderly manner.

3、 Not paying attention to the transportation of exhibits

Some exhibitors’ products will be damaged or unusable when transported to the booth. If they are not solved in time, the effect of exhibition will be affected.

Pinbang suggested that when transporting exhibits, protective measures must be taken for valuable or fragile exhibits, reliable logistics companies should be selected, and transportation insurance should be purchased. Be sure to decide in advance. In case of problems, you can remedy them in time.

4、 Ignore the needs of visitors

Many exhibitors find that the exhibition effect is not ideal. They don’t know the problem. They may think it’s a design problem, or a product and brand problem. They often ignore the role of marketing.

So, that marketing strategies should be formulated in advance, the needs of target visitors should be analyzed, and the training of internal operators should be carried out according to the parts they are interested in, or the on-site interaction part can be formulated to attract visitors and show their advantages.

The clearer the exhibitors understand their performance at the exhibition, the more conducive to future work improvement. Effect evaluation should be carried out immediately after the end of each exhibition to continuously improve themselves.

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