The design of the exhibition should fully consider the flow of people

The organizer of the exhibition must consider many factors when designing the exhibition, among which the flow of people arrangement cannot be ignored. If our exhibition does not have a careful plan for the flow of people, resulting in a lot of people flow at the exhibition and the exhibition is crowded, it will leave a bad visit experience for the visitors, and even make the visitors lose interest in visiting. . On the contrary, if the flow of people at the exhibition site is relatively small and the site is relatively empty, for the exhibition, it will lose its original goal. An exhibition without visitors is meaningless, so the design of the exhibition must fully consider the flow of people.

Arrangement of Exhibitor Flow

Every exhibitor hopes to see a large number of freely moving visitors in their exhibition halls. The more visitors, the greater the chance of exposure of their products, the higher the sales of exhibits, and the more successful exhibitors. Realize your purpose of exhibiting. Therefore, any exhibitor hopes to introduce a large number of visitors. However, the number of exhibitors is directly related to the size of the exhibition hall. If the area of ​​the exhibition hall is relatively small, it may be counterproductive to introduce a large number of visitors. Visitors will lose their interest in visiting due to crowding. The products carefully displayed by exhibitors are the smallest. In the end, it did not impress the visitors. Therefore, exhibition designers must fully consider the flow of people. Designers must fully understand the exhibitors at the beginning, what kind of people flow they hope to have, and fully consider how much passenger flow the exhibition venue can accommodate.


The exhibition design should be harmonious

In addition, when designing an exhibition, it must be harmonious, and not to give people a sense of disorder. The layout of the exhibition, the lighting of the exhibition, the colors of the exhibition, the exhibits, and the display racks should all be in harmony with each other. These items are harmoniously combined. Together, it will give visitors a sense of visual beauty, and will not give people a sense of disorder.


All in all, when designing an exhibition, we must fully consider the flow of people, and at the same time, consider the design and harmony of the exhibition. Such an exhibition design is perfect.

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