The principles of booth design

Do you  know  the principles of booth design , the designer must have the principle of purpose.

Exhibition design planning starts with the selection of exhibition goals, is implemented in the realization of exhibition goals, and is reflected in every design detail. Following the principle of purpose, designers should handle the following relationships:

(1) Handle the relationship between art and exhibition

No matter what kind of design techniques and techniques are used, no matter what kind of background (including display racks, props, decorations) are used, the protagonist is the booth and exhibits, and cannot be overwhelming. The content of the exhibition should not be restricted by the way of expression and should not highlight the design and ignore the booth and exhibits. The quality of the design does not lie in how much money is spent, or whether it meets the artistic standards, but whether the booth can reflect the image and intention of the exhibiting company, whether it can attract the attention of visitors, and whether the exhibits can reflect the characteristics and advantages.

(2) Handle the relationship between exhibitors and designers

Exhibition design requires designers not to create a work of art according to their own ideas but requires designers to use technology and creativity to reflect and express the intention, style and image of exhibitors to achieve the goals and effects desired by exhibitors.

(3) Handle the relationship between exhibition design and another exhibition work

The designer must understand that through the design, the environment and conditions for the exhibitor to achieve the purpose of the exhibition are provided, and it may also need to coordinate the work with the publicity personnel and the advertising personnel. The success of exhibition design lies in helping and supporting the overall rather than partial success of the exhibition.

(4) Handle the relationship between exhibition and trade

The booth design reflects the image of the exhibiting company, attracts visitors and leaves an impression. The exhibits can reflect the characteristics, advantages, and make it easy for visitors to watch. It is a successful design. If it is to promote an exhibition, this design has achieved its purpose. But if it is a trade show, the design has not yet reached the final goal. In trade fairs, exhibitions are a means of developing trade. The booth is the environment for exhibitors to carry out trade work. The booth itself is not the purpose; similarly, the exhibits are tools for the exhibitors to carry out trade, and the exhibition products themselves are not the purpose.

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