What are the steps of the exhibition planning process?

What are the steps of the exhibition planning process?

Nowadays, more and more exhibitions are held at home and abroad. Good exhibition planning can make enterprises have a unique effect. The ultimate goal is to attract many exhibitors. The simplest way of exhibition planning is to draw up a detailed and feasible exhibition plan, which can link ideas, ideas and patterns together. At the same time, detailed arrangements must be made for the exhibition schedule, sample preparation, equipment procurement, data printing, and personnel arrangements. . All affairs related to the exhibition must be detailed to the person, responsibility to the person, all quantified data, and executed. Then again, what are the steps of the exhibition planning process?

1. Investigation and analysis

 The market survey of the exhibition is an important basis for selecting exhibition projects. It is the basis of exhibition planning and an indispensable first step. The main content of the market survey includes the investigation of the exhibition environment, the investigation of the situation of the exhibition enterprises, the investigation of the situation of the exhibition project, the investigation of the market competition of the exhibition, and the investigation of the situation of visitors, support and assistance units, etc. Only on the basis of fully understanding the market potential, market restrictions, market dynamics and other information, can we plan in a targeted manner.

2. Determine the type of exhibition

 Organizers must first clarify what type of exhibition they are hosting, because government-sponsored exhibitions, public welfare exhibitions, and trade exhibitions have very different specific operation modes and strategies.

3. Work division

According to actual needs, the work is divided into several categories, such as exhibition invitation and investment group, design and construction, exhibit transportation, publicity and contact, administrative logistics, booth work, follow-up work, etc. Under each category, specific matters are listed in detail, and the work is clarified. Relationship. It is necessary to regularly check the work progress and quality, find and solve problems in time to ensure the normal operation of overall work coordination.

4. Exhibition design

 Careful exhibition design Commercial exhibition display design is a purposeful and planned environment, booth, and exhibit design with the main function of conveying exhibition information and attracting visitors. Good design can improve the taste of the exhibition, attract exhibitors and visitors, and also play a subtle role in product marketing.

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