after the exhibition, what should companies do?

After the exhibition, the end of an exhibition does not mean the successful conclusion of this exhibition,what should companies do after the exhibition. On the contrary, some of the more important “follow-up work” has just begun. The company’s participation is only a part. After the exhibition, companies should also do a lot of this. Matters related to this exhibition:

  1. Sort out and analyze the data collected at the exhibition. The business cards and other company data collected during the exhibition must be sorted out! Pick out real customer data, competitor data, and useless data, and sort these data one by one! Through the analysis of customer data and competitor data, we can change our company’s marketing plan to achieve the company’s marketing goals!
  2. Get in touch with target customers After sorting out the information, you must get in touch with the target customers through certain contact methods. No matter whether the transaction is completed or not, this is a customer resource! Return visits to the intended customers When the company exhibits, some interested customers Usually, they will stop at the company booth, have a simple understanding, and leave their own contact information! After the exhibition, the information of these interested customers must be handed over to the sales staff to focus on return visits and complete the sales! The turnover rate of these clients is generally very high
  3. Write press releases for post-exhibition publicity. After participating in the exhibition, companies usually ignore the post-exhibition publicity. This is a waste of your media resources to participate in the exhibition! After participating in the exhibition, you can write press releases related to your company and the exhibition. , Use the media resources of the exhibition for promotion and maximize the use of exhibition resources.
  4. Evaluate the effect of participating in the exhibition. The participation in the exhibition will be evaluated within a period of time after the exhibition, whether the participation in the exhibition has reached the goal, and whether it is necessary for your company to participate in the next exhibition! This kind of marketing method, participating in the exhibition is a process work, not just the few days when the exhibition opens! The effect of the exhibition is closely related to the preparation before the exhibition, participation in the exhibition and various tasks after the exhibition! Don’t be rushed after the exhibition It affects the completion of the set goals of the entire exhibition!

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