What principles should be paid attention to in booth design?

What principles should be paid attention to in booth design? As everyone knows, booth design needs to have a certain design theme, creative ideas, and the comfort level of the audience experience. Whether it can be welcomed by everyone, unique creativity and excellent space furnishings, enhance the audience’s sense of experience, etc. Let me share with you some considerations about booth design.

 1. Harmony. Many people believe that among all the laws, harmony is the most important law in booth design. The booth is made up of many factors, including layout, lighting, color, charts, exhibits, display racks, exhibition equipment, etc. A good design combines these factors to help exhibitors achieve the purpose of the exhibition.

    2. Concise. The more complex the booth, the easier it is to confuse visitors, and the less likely it is to create a clear and strong impression. Conciseness and clarity are the best way to attract audiences. Photos, diagrams, and text descriptions should be clear and concise.

     3. Highlight the focus. The display should be centered and focused. Focus selection should serve the purpose of exhibition. Highlight key exhibits through location, layout, lighting and other means. The focus setting should not be too many, just set one. Highlight and emphasize key exhibits through separate display and the use of spotlights.

 4. A clear subject and a clear message. The theme is the basic information and impression that the exhibitor wants to convey to the visitor, usually the exhibitor itself or the product.

5. Establish striking goals. Distinctiveness can attract more visitors. It is easier for visitors to identify and look for, so that visitors who have not walked through the stage will also be impressed. The design should be unique, but not divorced from the exhibition goal and commercial image.

  6. Design from the perspective of the target audience. Booth design should consider people, mainly the target audience’s purpose, emotions, interests, opinions, reflections and other factors. Designing from the perspective of the target audience can easily attract the attention and resonance of the target audience and leave a deep impression on the target audience.

  7. Consider space. Designers also need to consider the number of booth staff and visitors. It should be designed through the layout, the amount of booth display racks and the layout method.

  8. People flow arrangement. The designer should set the style and taste of the booth by understanding the wishes of the exhibitors. Adapt to what kind of crowd.

  9. The booth is easy to build and dismantle. The structure of the booth should be simple, which can be assembled and disassembled within the specified time. The time of construction and demolition is usually determined by the exhibition organizer. The designer should understand the construction time before starting the design.

 10. Design carefully and not easily change. When designing, it is necessary to be thoughtful and comprehensive. Once the design plan is discussed and approved, do not change it easily, especially in the later stage. The change may delay the construction, increase the cost, and even affect the opening.

In short, a good booth design requires reasonable and practical manpower and financial resources to design the most attractive exhibition hall. It needs to grasp the characteristics of the exhibits on display, and must be targeted, representative and unique, paid attention to it, in order to design better booth.

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