What are the benefits of exhibition industry to exhibitors?

Convention and exhibition industry is an important part of the service industry. With the continuous evolution and upgrading of  urban economic structure, convention and exhibition industry has become one of the important symbols to measure the openness, vitality, and development potential of a city. The exhibition industry and urban development are mutually complementary. The exhibition industry needs the support of industries and services provided by the city. At the same time, the city also gets great benefits from the development of the exhibition industry. Without cities, the exhibition industry has no foothold. Without exhibitions, the life of modern cities will also lose many colors. The exhibition industry also plays an important role in urban development. So, for exhibitors, what kind of economic benefits can participate in the exhibition bring?

  1. Able to reach potential customers at low cost

If the company wants to obtain intended customers, the exhibition is undoubtedly the best choice. Its advantages of special exhibitions make it easier for enterprises to obtain orders.

  1. High work efficiency and high order forming rate

After contacting qualified customers at the exhibition, the follow-up workload is less, and the efficiency is much higher than that of typical business sales. During the exhibition, exhibitors have more potential customers than they can reach in 6 months or even 1 year. Moreover, the exhibition also brings high-level new customers to exhibitors. More importantly, face-to-face communication with potential customers is an important means to quickly establish a stable customer relationship.

  1. Show your image

The exhibition provides an opportunity for exhibitors to show their strength in front of competitors. Through well-trained booth staff, active promotion before and during the exhibition, and attractive booth design, the competitiveness of participating companies can be well displayed. Moreover, visitors to the exhibition will also use this opportunity to compare various exhibitors. Therefore, the exhibition is a great opportunity for exhibitors to show their own image and strength.

  1. Maintain customer relationship

Customer relationship is a very important part of many companies. The exhibition is a good place to maintain the existing customer relationship. Exhibitors can express they’re thanks to customers in the following ways: warm reception, the latest product information of the company, company gifts, one-on-one dinner, other services, etc.

  1. Personally show the performance characteristics of the product to the customer

I’m afraid there are not many opportunities for enterprise sales personnel to carry products to the door for demonstration. The exhibition is the best time and place for exhibitors to demonstrate products or experience services for potential customers.

  1. Competition analysis

The exhibition site provides an excellent opportunity to study the competition situation and conduct market research. The role of this opportunity is incalculable. It can not only understand the market’s acceptance of new products, but also make use of the information provided by competitors in terms of products, prices, and marketing strategies to formulate short-term and long-term plans of the enterprise.

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